Let’s Get This Party Started

August 1, 2006 at 9:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Yesterday was a banner day! Mia took her very first step! Richie was doubtful when I told him: “She was lunging her herself around yesterday. Are you sure that wasn’t what she did?”. She stood up on her noisy large toy, let go, standing free, raised her little hands in the air to say “yayyy” then she used her right foot to take a step closer to the toy, and then she grabbed on!

As for Art…well….I unpacked all my new little doo-dad treasures from Craft Mania and unpacked the doo-dads I ordered from Bmuse and another thru-the-mail item. I sure love getting ‘presents’ in the mail. Mostly because by the time they arrive, I’ve forgotten what I ordered and then, BLAM! Treasure in a padded envelope with MY name it! Yippee!!!

Well, I’m off to get my daily dose of caffeine! (And yes, that IS the highlight of my day)

BohemianD…..aka sondi



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  1. For all that is holy!I missed her first step! Man, why don’t you guys video tape more stuff! I want to see Bella and Mia more 😦 They’re my favorite kids in the whoe world! Hello! I need to see the documentation of they’re young genius acts!AND I bet richie would’ve believed you if you had hard stern proof like video footage of this incredible “big girl” moment!That solves it…. Richie needs to buy a dvd recording video camera! At once!

  2. We finally got a replacement battery for our video recorder so we can FINALLY (mia is over a year old!!!) start recording them. And since we recently got a dvd burner, yes we can actually make moves to send! YAY!

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