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(in no particular order)

Walking In On time
Being With My Favorite People
Big Closets
Pumpkin Pie
Cobalt Glass
Laughing till I am sick & can’t catch my breath
New Words
The Tinkling Laughter of Delighted Little Girls
Art Supplies
Letters in the Mailbox
Creative Inspiration
That Moment when someone finally understands some bit of scriptural reasoning
Unconcientious Singing
Old Musty Books
Just inside the doorway of a Starbucks, Nordstrom, or Public Library
A Good Hairday
a Kitchen full of food
Wallpaper Books/ Paint Swatches
Gerber Daisies, Black-eyed Susans, & Queen Anne’s Lace
Pictures of my girls
Eiffel Tower
50’s Advertising
Baby Hugs
Beauticians who make you believe you are lovely
Coffee, Cappacino, Mochas, Cafe au Lait
Feeling Smart

Moldy Anything
Running out of Tape
Knotted Hair
Stuff on the bottom of my foot
BUGS (except for moths & butterflies)
Fake Plants
Selfish People
Smelly Sponges
Bad Wine
Lazy Salespeople
Empty Toilet Paper Roll
Dirty Dishes
Not seeing without glasses
Aches & Pains


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