Learning Thru Experimentation…

August 18, 2006 at 10:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Okayyyy….I started that Dr. Natura cleansing program… My sister posted a link (http://www.drnatura.com/picture_gallery.html) on her blog mentioning the goo and goop that is lodged inside of you making you sick and feel just plain non-great. So I checked it out….and decided to give it a try…

Their site is way different than other sites meant to sell a product. By their own admission, “It’s the ‘reality show’ of embarrassing bathroom stories that are shared with great enthusiasm and pride.” Seriously, they have PICTURES OF STUFF THAT HAS COME OUT OF PEOPLE’s BUTTS. Not for the faint of heart but one of those things where you WANT to look away and yet you can’t.

In agreement with the gist of their site, I’ve heard that the average person has between 2 and 10 pounds of parasites and colon plaque inside of them. So, by it’s very nature, this ‘cleanse’ is supposed to make you lose a few pounds and have a flatter stomach. Man, that would be cool.

The cleanse program has parts: Senna Tea, Herbs to flush parasites and This Fiber Concoction that you drink. The tea tastes awesome. The parasite herbs are capsules so *gulp* down they go. The fiber…well, it doesn’t taste horrible but dude, it’s fiber, what do you expect. It isn’t like those commercials where they stir it into water and it disappears. It’s a bit chunky.

I was reading that they also have a liver and kidney cleanse….We’ll see how THIS one goes and then maybe do some investigating into the others….

Has anyone else tried this??? If so, I’d love to hear from you!


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