What I Did On My Summer Vaca….wait…WEEKEND

August 21, 2006 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So I actually did something ‘summery’ this weekend.

I have not been to the beach this summer. Not even once.

I have not flown a kite.
I have not pushed my daughters on the swings.
I have not laid out to feel the warm summer sun on my skin.
But FINALLY I have done something summery.
I went to a concert! Yay me!!!!

I haven’t been to a concert (except for a comedian and frankly, that just doesn’t count) in YEARS. I was feeling reallllly old and passe….

Anyhooo…..so who did I go see, you ask?
“Guster!”, I reply.

The opener was scheduledto be Ray LaMontagne who I’m not a big fan of. He is a bit whiny for my tastes. Although in concert he had a more raspy folk sound which was a lot better than the radio play. Still….he was seriously putting us to sleep. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz….(my jaw started to hurt from all the yawning — seriously)…

We made several bathroom trips as well as concession stand trips for food, coffee and concert paraphernalia (sp?) instead of sitting thru his entire performance. Don’t get me wrong…he is talented.
But when you are there to ROCK and someone is just up there whining …er…I mean singing on and on and on in a more lullaby-ish fashion, it just gets you antsy.

The opener to Ray though (surprise to us) was band from Oakland, CA, Rogue Wave.
We’d never heard of them before but they were AWESOME!!!!
It made way more sense for Guster to ask THEM to tour with them than Ray Ray Runaway…. They rocked the place AND had a great stage presense. The lead singer talked to the audience a lot like Brain (guster’s lead singer) does and it makes you feel like they are your buddy and not some guy you’ve never laid eyes on goofing around on a performance stage. Very likable. Even though they had no fancy lightwork like the headliner, they still put on a great show. They played about every instument you can pick up and carry around. And they got up and switched with each other a couple of times too. It was very entertaining. Needless to say, I HAD to buy their CD. It’s now getting more play time at my house than Guster cause they are my new fav…

…which is why I have little to say about Guster’s actual performance. I don’t need to tell you they ROCK. I don’t need to tell you the bongos echo thru your ears, along your skin, into your bones, into your bloodstream and make you believe for a second or two that your heart is beating in perfect unison. Portland was the last stop of their tour so they didn’t make the audience work for the encores….Brian said that they were just going to keep “playing more songs after this song and some more songs after that” or something to that effect. It was GREAT!!!

Alrightee then….so that is what I did on my weekend….mostly anyhow….
I’m off to the showers…..gotta get to the chiro pretty soon….



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