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Wow…..can you believe it is September already? The summer Flew *whoooosh!* by! The days are shorter and cooler. The bugs will be dying off more and more *YAY*.

I’m off to get my hair done in a few minutes and man does it need it. At least an inch of roots and my raggedy bangs are in my eyes. Help me!

I have an ATC Swap due at the end of the month that I have just about finished. I was really surprised that it was so much easier than I anticipated. I need to make two sets of cards. 25 in each set. The first set needed to contain the yahoogroup name Atc_Artists ( and the number ‘2’ because it is celebrating their second year anniversary in existance. The second set of cards could be anything I wanted. But it needed to be another set of 25! Yikes. The numbers alone had me a bit frightened. And then I was concerned my muse would never kick in and I’d just sit there staring at the piles of paper, adhesives, stickers, and doo-dads and have no idea where to start.

However, as it turns out, it wasn’t as hard as I’d worried it would be. I picked out two quotes that I really liked and printed them out a bunch of times in all different fonts on cardstock. Then I trimmed the page, fed it thru my xyron and they were ready to roll. Then I picked out six images I really liked and grouped them together on a page and printed that page out three times and trimmed up the images in front of the tv.

For my background, I found a few coordinating pieces of 12×12 paper I liked and ripped all but two of them into strips and random pieces. Then I glued all the random pieces on to the two remaining 12×12 pieces of paper in a totally random configuration. I added in some tissue paper that was a really pretty color from the packaging of a vintage pair of hose that I’d found on ebay years ago. (you just never know when that stuff will come in handy!) Then I cut up the 12×12 paper into 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 card sized pieces.

After that, it was just a matter of figuring out which background configuration (each one comes out completely different but in the same color scheme) went with which image. Glued on the images, the quotes and voila!, lickity split I was done! TADA!!!

Anyhoo….i’m off to the salon but figured I should add a little something to my blog since it’s been a while since I’d written.

I’ve tried to upload pictures of my cards described above but stupid blogger is being jerky and won’t let me do it *grumble grumble*


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