Back To Florida…….

October 2, 2006 at 11:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well, like most of the snow-birds, Tink is on her way back to Florida today. She gave me this new picture of her and Uncle Floyd (and maggie) yesterday at the meeting. It’s Gorgeous! Sue did an amazing job! I’m pondering though….was it touched up or is uncle floyd wearing makeup? Hmm….I’m sure he’ll never tell….

But I’m bummed….I barely saw Tink at all while she was here. I saw her at the meetings and yesterday at the picnic (except I didn’t get to say goodbye!) and once when she came over to drop off some stuff that she is clearing out of her house. I’m sure hoping that her next trip will be less stressfull (they are selling their house) and that I’ll get to see her more. *sigh*

And yes, having a case of ‘poor me syndrome’ this morning.

I tried to clean my espresso machine by running vinegar through it and now, no matter how many times i run it with water, it tastes like vinegar. Arrgghh….the frustrating thing is, I get the mocha all made and bring it upstairs to drink in front of the computer. It smells delicious and so, full of hope in its frothy goodness, I take my first sip.

Iccckk….Pitoooey! Vinegar!!! For some reason, you can’t smell it but the taste is certainly there. Soooo…dumped it out into the sink and ran water through the machine for an hour and a half (in addition to the time I ALREADY spent running water through it!). I just want some coffee already!!! I’m TIRED for crying out loud!!!!

Wah wah wah…..whine whine and some more wahhhhhh…..

Okay, I’m done whining. For now.


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