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Well, my friend….the party’s over.

Only three people (of the 25 or so that were invited and the 5 or 6 that confirmed ‘absolutely, yes’) showed up for my little taste testing/ food party. I was SO grateful to the three friends that did. I think they really enjoyed the food too. So nyah nyah nyah to you losers that didn’t show.

What a letdown though….a week of stressing, cleaning, buying extra groceries (although only like 12 dollars worth) for the stuff I needed to add to the ‘Tastefully Simple’ stuff. We tried like 15 dips….all yum-o. The pumpkin bread was delish! It tasted like starbucks pumpkin loaf USED to taste like. And Nana’s Apple Cake I’m totally hooked on now and wish I had ordered more. Hmm….Maybe I had better email the lady and fix that.

You wanna hear something gross? (when bella is a teen-ager she is so gonna kill me for this)…… Bella showed me her big toe this morning because it was bleeding. She says, “Momma, look! I bleedin! I bleedin’ cause I bit it with my mouth.” ICK YUCK PATOOOEY!!! What is it with children thinking biting your toenails is the most normal thing in the world????? GROOOOSSSSSSSS She bites her fingernails which is a gross habit in itself but both her father and I have that nervous habit so I really can’t fault her for that one. But toenails? Eh ghads, child! Come on! What is a mother to do?

I made her promise to never do it again because it is gross. We’ll see if she keeps her word.

But anywayy…….after the three guest party last night, Keith and Lisa came over (lisa didn’t make it due to some snafu at the bank where she works and the ridiculous traffic last night due to a fatal accident on Rte. 115. Apparently, A dumptruck ran over a car and killed the driver, from what I was told. ). Anyway, Lisa and Keith came over to try some of the food (there was TONS left, obviously) and play dominos. So Michelle stayed to play too and Richie even stuck around to play while watching the Yankees (so sad) over his shoulder. We had a bunch of fun and even cracked open a bottle of what I call ‘chocolate wine’. It is the yummiest stuff and has notes of chocolate in it.

So that was my Friday night. Today it is almost 11am and the temperature is around 50 F. The trees are beautiful colors but quickly shedding their clothes. Soon enough they’ll be wearing their skivvies…..then just naked. LOL




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  1. I wish we were there to go to your party! 😦 arg!I had a nice weekend too tho! Justin and i spent time together and played a little tennis and went to dinner. Its probably the best weekend i’ve had in 6 months 🙂 Guess WHO is out of town? I realized how much of a difference it makes for my mental stability that Justin and I live in a quite private home… what a difference it makes! :)*HUGS* and *KISSESS*

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