Monday Mondayyyyy….can’t trust that dayyyyy…

October 9, 2006 at 2:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Monday afternoon….still in my sweats but just pulled some yummy sweet potato fries out of the oven for me and the girls. Mmmmm……salty and sweet! Sure do get a jones’n for sweet potato fries sometimes…especially now that the weather is getting crisp and cold. The oven warming up the house doesn’t hurt either!

We’ve gotta another week or so left of pretty trees and then it will be an eternity until the naked trees will be covered in snow. So I’m enjoying the deep reds and glowing auburns until they do. We’ve had a couple of really sunny warm (got up to 70 or so) afternoons and a new crop of ladybugs hatched….along with some flies and some sort of creepy looking beetle that I can’t identify. I’ll be glad when it is too cold out for them. Right now we’ve got the front door open to warm up the house. (it ends up colder INSIDE than outside if I don’t.) Unfortunately that makes the bugs think they have an open house invitation. Arrgggh…..sometimes I really don’t like nature.

Mia took FIVE steps in a row last night. She goes for an hour or so at a time where she just practices taking steps. Then she decides she has no more time for it and goes back to zooming around in crawling mode. Last night she also caught sight of a baby spoon we were using to spoon dip onto pieces of bread and chips and decided that she was going to put it to good use. So before I realized what she was going to do, she was spoon feeding herself bacon dip. She LOVES bacon dip apparently. Bella tried to switch it out for the ‘fiesta’ dip (HOT) and Mia was a bit unhappy. We got some video of her spoon feeding herself. It was pretty funny watching this little tiny person feeding herself like it was the most normal thing in the world for her to be doing even though she’d never ever even TRIED it before! I was really amazed at her coordination.

It’s funny (no, not ‘haha’ funny…more ironic) that with Bella, we were constantly pushing her onto the next developmental step even if she was way too young (according to the books anyway) for it. She has always been ahead of the curve! But with Mia, I forget to teach her stuff that I could have been teaching her, had I paid attention to the stages in all those books I used to be glued to. Stuff like, “where’s your nose? where’s your head? Point to your foot!”. And here I am completely blown away when she displays mastery over things that she probably could have been doing awhile ago if only i’d been on the ball enough to show her how to do it. Then again, she could be just paying attention to her big sister. Frankly that is a much more likely scenario than *POOF!* she just mysteriously knows how to do it. LOL

Last week we found the cutest foam princess hats at the dollar store (2/$1) and Bella was trying to get one to stay on her head last night. After a little tweaking, we finally got them to fit and she was overjoyed and posed for all these pictures with her hats. LOL

I have a chiro appointment tonight and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO write my talk for tomorrow night. So hasta la pasta for now folks!



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