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When all else fails, LIST.

That is my go-to solution for stress and a hectic schedule. Now when I say, ‘schedule’, I don’t mean the kind that most people would think. There is no everyday-at-the-same-time activities. We are more a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type family when things like that are concerned. We have meals when we get around to it or someone starts acting cranky from low-bloodsugar. The girl’s bedtimes range between 7 – 8:30pm….later on meeting nights. Other than that, things get done when they get done. I try for Monday to be laundry day…..but often that day stretches out to include Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and, in a bad week, Saturday and Sunday too.

To keep things straight in my head, I have my homemade (ala creative memories) calander on the fridge where we track our doctor’s appointments and service plans and any other activites. Then we (and by that I mean *I*) have lists. There is a list of things I need to get done by the end of the week. There is a list of thank you cards I need to send. There is a list of anniversaries coming up to remember to transcribe to the calendar. Sometimes there are lists of LISTS that I need to write up!

But nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction that comes from scribbling out a line off the list!

Even if that accomplishment is just that I took a shower. (and yes, for me it DOES warrant a mark on the to-do list. Sometimes it doesn’t get crossed off. Those are the BAD days.)

Today, I’m writing up my weekly grocery list and a packing list. Both which need to be completed by tomorrow at some point. On Friday, the girls and I are heading off to Boston for the weekend. It was funny, while looking in my computer files for an old packing list to use as a template, I came across my list that was used for our last trip to California, last winter. AMAZING how much stuff a weeks-old baby needs. I can’t imagine what I was thinking trying to travel with tiny children like that. But cest la vie, it’s amazing what you can do when you don’t question your ability to do it. LOL

On a side note, I’ve added some new ATC’s to my yahoo album. I created them with an asian theme for a swap I signed up for. Not my best work but not too terrible. I’m loving the fact that my art is being ”featured” on two yahoo group websites at the moment. One for my atc trading group and one on the group that was started for a round robin of collage books. (everyone creates a themed book and we each take turns filling two pages of each other’s books until we’ve done a set in all 12 books….very exciting!)

So anyhooo….gots to get back to my lists….laundry to do. Dishes to do and richie is supposed to be out till 10pm for the next couple of nights working on some kind of downed phone cable in Lewiston….I suppose that means that it’s up to me to throw the girls in the tub again. Ah well, at least I’ll know they’ll come out clean and be put into CLEAN clothes this time.

Hasta la pasta, folks!



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