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So, here are some highlights from our (me and the girls) weekend trip to Boston….First off, the worst thing in Boston are the drivers. The traffic is insane and the drivers are sloppy and dangerous. The only redeeming thing about getting around in Boston is the extra time behind the wheel let’s you listen to a couple great radio stations (“the river”, for one). At one point I was yelling at the drivers trying to drive in multiple lanes at once and saying how stupid they were. Bella piped up in her little girl voice from the back seat, “SOME of the drivers aren’t stupid, mama”. That about sums it up. The majority of drivers should have their licenses revoked. The good driver is TOTALLY the exception. I could go on and on about how much I hate driving there but that is all I’m saying about that.

The Very BEST part of the trip was seeing my girls playing with the Kitt’s boys. They are so close in age and they all seemed to have a grand ol’ time. It’s so weird remembering playing with their oldest son and babysitting him when I had no little ones of my own and then flash forwarding in my mind to the present. It’s like some parallel universe.
It was especially great seeing my bestest pal, Wendy. I hate that we live so far apart. It’s so hard to have a friend you hold so dear live so distant. Tim was his regular old pun-joke-telling self. Sometimes it’s nice that things you remember don’t change to much. *grin* Posted by Picasa


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