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The air is crisp, with a hint of chill here and there and the leaves are nearing the end of their rainbow display of colors. (A lot of them are starting to enter what I refer to as their “brown” phase. Not their finest attire as that particular version of brown is sort of grey. ) For the most part, our trees have gone through the best of their autumn changes and are just about to shed the remainder of their leaves in preparation for winter. This is my favorite time of year and it is all too fleeting, each and every year……the beginning of fall when you need that extra layer, be it sweater or light jacket. You breathe in that fresh, cool, earthy smell first thing in the morning. It’s like you can taste the life busy out there. There is just nothing like it. I stand on the porch and take big gulps of it, savoring each moment and trying to imprint it in my memory.

Makes you want to run inside and bake something or snuggle down under a blanket and read a good mystery. Also makes me want to create….scrapbook, collage, or just start coloring in a colorbook (oddly therapeutic, don’t knock it!). Also makes me want to do all those stereotypical ‘nesting’ type things….reorganize, clean, stock up. It’s the time of year where the world is showing off her colors in preparation for the big sleep of winter. One last hurrah before diving under her snowy blankets.

Man, do I love fall in New England!!! Posted by Picasa


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