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October 23, 2006 at 10:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So, what have I been up to, you ask??

Well, let’s see…..Last week, the girls and I went to go see Richie at a worksite in downtown Lewiston (where dr. mcdreamy from grey’s anatomy is from, btw) so we could all have lunch together.

Bella got a kick out of Richie’s outfit since he had on his phone company hardhat and his overalls which seem to be standard equipment when fixing phone lines underground. He toured Bella all around the open manhole cover and showed her the tent covering it and some of the equipment. Bella thought this was alllll very cool! Then we walked over to a little artsy cafe and had some lunch. Out of all four of us, I’d say Bella is the most photogenic. I SWEAR I don’t really look like me in the picture above. In it, I have a giant round head, the shape of a squashed orange. But the girls looked super cute to me in it so I included it.

On Saturday I got a new haircut. It’s chin length in the front and shoooooort in the back, kind of ‘stacked’ from crown to the hairline at my neck. Then it slopes down as it comes around foreward towards my face. Kind of a really short bob with length in the front and none in the back. I drew it on a piece of paper and the stylist was very patient with me to understand what I wanted. I was trying for something similar to the hair Charlize Theron had while playing the Aeon Flux character…..only instead of black, it is my natural color with chunky highlights and low lights. I’ll have to get around to taking a picture of myself so you can see it.

Lisa cut her hair super duper short with long chunky bangs and it looks really cute so I was totally inspired to get a change. Richie said she was a bad influence on me and made me cut all my hair off. LOLOL What are friends for??

Mia has been super clingy ever since we got back from Boston. I think being left with strangers (to her, anyway) really freaked her out. It took all weekend for her to warm up to Richie again. During the week, she wouldn’t even let HIM hold her! Our first meeting after we got back to town was Tuesday night and since Richie was working, it was just me and the girls. Which would have been just fine except Bella was tired and clingy and Mia was extra super duper clingy and they were both whining to be held and cuddled at the same time. Usually a friend will help me and entertain one while I am with the other. But with Mia’s new found need to be physically attached to me at all times, it was a reallllly long night. Last night, I gave her to Richie to hold while I went to the bathroom and she cried this really frightening cry that sounded like she had been brutally wounded (no exaggeration). It was freaking me out. Finally, she was fed and put down to bed without too much trouble. I was so relieved. Until she woke us up around midnight because she was deeply in need of some holding. The whole thing is just really weird. I seem to remember Bella going thru a super needy phase at some point around this age so I’m hoping it will pass soon.

I got to “run away from home” for most of the day on Saturday. I figured it was prime time for Richie to bond with Mia and, frankly, I needed a mental break. If I am anywhere in the house, whether Richie is home or not, I am constantly yelled, whined, or cried for so the only break I can really get is LEAVING the house. Probably sounds a bit harsh but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, man.

So I escaped to get my hair cut and then I and my friend went to the mall for a few hours (after I briefly ducked into Falmouth Goodwill to check for treasures). We hung out, people watched, drank coffee and showed each other how drastically different our tastes were. Let’s put it this way, she is the perfect shopping buddy in that we will never EVER be fighting over the same item in a store. LOL We ended up sitting in the foodcourt for hours just shooting the breeze. I so seldom get to shop with a girlfriend that it was a special treat and I had a great time! I also snagged a couple of clearance items from the Gap (three things came to a total of 20 bucks!) and some Lindt chocolate. Can’t go wrong with Swiss chocolate! Posted by Picasa



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  1. Lisa is not a bad influence. In fact she is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to my family and I will be indebted to her forever for the love and nurturing she gives the girls. She is just truly the best!

  2. Yes, richie, I agree. *snicker* *snicker*

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