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October 25, 2006 at 11:41 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well, sorry.

No pictures yet of my or Lisa’s new haircuts. We’ve decided to work on that this weekend when she comes over to spend the night. I’m wondering how many more sleepovers we’ll get to have if her hubby changes jobs and doesn’t work every other saturday night anymore. It’s been such a tradition for us for so long! I look forward to it for the whole two weeks in between! Oh welll…guess I will just enjoy it while it lasts.

Found out today that Roanna’s creative memories followers are slacking off. I wish I liked their products more. I wish I was more motivated to scrapbook. It’s such a social activity to me though. I haven’t done any scrapbooking since the last time we all hooked up to hang out in her scrapping room/basement. Shame on me. I have a zillion and a half pictures of the girls to get caught up on so I really have no excuse. Maybe as the weather gets colder, I’ll be more motivated.

All my creative (“free”) time right now is going towards my mixed media/altered art projects. I’m working on ATCs (‘artist trading cards’ to any of you who have not yet tried them) and starting a round robin Journal book. So far, it’s my most creatively challenging project yet. First, coming up with a theme that could incorporate all my loves….my girls, coffee, reading, day dreaming, creating, fat little birds……well, I figured it out. A stroke of genius, really. My theme is “Give Me Wings”. This allows for images of ALL of the above….because you could apply to LITERAL things with wings or just things that inspire me ….I’m totally happy with it! Now the challenge is EXPRESSING those things on paper with as few words as possible. I love a good creative challenge! In January, the 12 of us in the round robin will begin exchanging our books (all with personally chosen themes) through the mail and we will add a spread of a couple of pages to each other’s books.

What’s up with the girls, you ask?

Wellll……Bella learned to snap and zip her jeans today. She has had no trouble with snaps and zippers in the general but, as any of us with tight jeans who’ve had to lay on a bed to get them up KNOWS, it can be tough to work them things up that close to your body! It’s so awesome though each time she accompishes a new skill. The look of triumph on her face!

Mia is totally walking now. She barely crawls at all. Mostly just to go UNDER things….she likes to pretend with Bella that they are in a tunnel in between the couch and the ottoman when someone’s feet are up on it. They also like to crawl between the arm of the couch and the planter and wall. It’s a little short cut for tiny people to go around the couch. For some reason, they love that corner of the livingroom and so far, they haven’t knocked over the planter so, until that happens, they can have their fun.

It’s so adorable though to see Mia with her arms up in the air toddling around, kind of like a penguin walks. She is getting pretty fast too and really enjoying all the things (you know, like the curtains and dishes in the kitchen, UGH) she can reach and pull on. So much for a baby-proofed living room! Oh well.

I’ve decided (yet again, how fickle am i??) to change my browser’s start up homepage. I had it on my sisters blog for the last two months in an effort to keep up with her but she hasn’t updated it in a month in a half and each time I open my browser I get frustrated. No news isn’t good news! LOL So here is my new start up page…..

These two sisters do some really amazing collage/mixed media journalling. I love the idea that they are sisters exploring their creativity together. I can’t wait till MY sister can move here and we can do the same! Until then (and hopefully after then, as well!) my surrogate sister, Lisa and I explore OUR creativity together and it is a real source of joy to me. The visual chronicles sisters have a really funny sense of humor though and reading their blog is like peeking in on an old chum. They look forward to lunch just as much as they look forward to book signings. It’s hard to explain but if you have the time, I think they are totally a riot!

Okay, time for me to get back to the laundry and finish up my coffee. My fingers are going numb despite the space heater going here in the office. This darn room just doesn’t like to hold heat for some reason. Hopefully the sun shining through the (now) open curtains will do the trick.

Ta Ta For Now!




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  1. Our tradition will never die. Even if I have to sleep over on a weekday and get ready for work at your house… so be it! Good to know that you don’t mind me coming over. That’s always a plus when my company is desired. So, this is my thought…we should plan a day to exactly anything we want (which is kind of what we do now, but anyways..) and we can become creative beasts that tear up pages of nothingness and make them into marvelous, wonderous, stupendously great works of better than genius art, whatdya say???

  2. I’m loving that idea. And I’m totally all for spending the night during the week! it’s ON, baby!!!!

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