October 30, 2006 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Not too much excitement over here. Still have my cold. The girls still have their runny noses.

Today is laundry day so the machine is chugging away downstairs. Our washer always shakes the house, no matter how it is ‘balanced’ because the house isn’t balanced. If you rolled marbles on the floor, it would roll in different directions depending on what room you were in. But the wind is really competing with the machine today. It’s our third day of high winds and sometimes it feels like the rolling of an earthquake, the way the wind gusts and the house sways.

I have my chiropractic appointment tonight but Richie is working late so I’ll have to drag the girls along. Should be interesting while I get my 20 minute massage. The gals at the front desk are super nice though and usually don’t mind looking after them while I’m behind that closed door doing my breathing exercises so as not to scream with the intense pain involved. I chuckle anytime people joke about me being spoiled because i get massages. They are so incredibly painful that I wish they could administer the drugs I got while giving birth. The pain is equal at times. Ah well, can’t complain too much since it gets me thru another week!


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  1. I wish i could come visit :(I want to hear the wind and watch the girls when you have appointments!!!ARG!We still have no bed to sleep in but fortunately matt stayed at a friends house this weekend and we got his bed! šŸ™‚ Nov. 11th we are moving! but i haven’t packed or anything.. its so far away it seems… I can’t wait but i’m gonna miss mom when we move… Its nice being at home…

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