Monkey See….

October 31, 2006 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

No new pictures to post today. There are some from the weekend still in the camera but today I’m too tired to take them off.

When Bella was very, very small, I was pregnant with Mia. While pregnant, I would throw up all day every day. I would get up from the couch, drag myself to the kitchen to get Bella a new bottle and run to the sink or trash can to throw up. (the bathroom is upstairs and there was exactly 0 % chance of me making it all the way up there) Bella’s favorite sound to make was her version of me gagging and throwing up.

At first it was funny and cute. But, as the pregnancy wore on, it was just a constant reminder and it made me crazy. I would be throwing up in the sink and hear over my shoulder her making her little mimic of me barfing. Made me just want to cry at the time. Now I look back and it IS pretty funny.

So nowwwww, Mia is a bit younger than Bella was then but she is really into mimicry. She says bits and pieces of words:
“Ouuuwwwww” = out
“gaw gaw gaw”= GO GO GO !!! (she hears me telling bella this and Richie yelling at his football games on tv) When I tell Bella, “let’s go downstairs”, Mia says “gaw gaw gaw!”.

And now, Mia is saying Ow! Ow! ow! ow! ow! OW! Three guesses as to who she is mimic-ing now?

Yes, me.

I’m always ‘bonking’ into things. (bella has adopted this word now too. “Mamma! Mamma! I bonked my head! It hurts right here!”) The other day, I’m stepping over the gate that blocks Mia from making it thru the doorway and I bonk my kneecap into the top of the gate as I try (unsuccessfully, obviously) to get over it. So I’m hopping around on one foot yelling OW OW OW OWOWWWWWWW!!!!!! OW! Now, Mia’s favorite little chant is OW! OW! OW!

yup, those are my little monkeys in action….. *smirk*


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