Jump, Jump, Jump!

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Here’s a collage I created yesterday. One of the yahoo groups I belong to decided to create their own calendar since the collage calendar, ArtPlay is no longer being printed. I am SO bummed about that because it was a great source of inspiration for me. So anyway, the task was to create a collage measuring 7 1/2 inches by 11 to be copied and included in a 12 page calendar.
It was going to have a different look entirely but it just sort of evolved into this. I really like the colors and I’m fairly happy with the compostition. But I think the main subject is maybe a bit smaller than I would have liked.
A few days ago, I started ripping pages out of a really old novel and finding words on each page to make up either a sentence or to tell a brief ‘story’. Sort of a jumping off point for a collage. After finding the words and circling them, I painted the rest of the page so only the key words would stand out. Then I found an interesting piece of paper to back it. But it wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough to I dabbed bits of ink in different patterns all over it and stamped some “happy face” images onto it as well.
I found a picture in an old schoolbook that I really liked and was hoping to use on something and cut it out. I started fiddling with different layouts. I decided the image of the girls jumping needed more color so I colored the background a soft blue with some pastel pencils and blended it. After deciding on a composition that I was more or less happy with, I started gluing/sticking things down. At the last minute, I decided to include the red lace heart because it just needed some more brightness. And then I started smearing bright yellow paint in strategic places. I was really trying for happy colors and I think this collage includes all my favorite happy colors. (Eventually, this is basically the color scheme I want to decorate my kitchen with. )
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