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November 9, 2006 at 11:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Let’s see….. haven’t really updated this too much in a while….


Mia has 12 teeth now….whenever I tell her, “NO NO NO!”, she puts her index finger up in the air and says, “bad bad” (sounds more like ‘ba’ ba’, but you get the picture). It’s such a crackup. She almost never reacts emotionally to getting in trouble though. She just kind of asks, “bad bad?” and then goes on with whatever she is doing…..sometimes EXACTLY what i just reprimanded her for.

For instance, she has been escaping from the living room lately and either goes exploring in the pantry or the diningroom. She likes to walk around and around the big oak table. Yesterday, while making her rounds, she realized that the giant bag/purse she was pulling around was hitting the wine cart and making the glasses clink. So then she starts hitting the wine glasses on purpose. I tell her no no. She does it again. No no. Does it more. NO NO NO NO!!! She looks at me, says bad bad, pauses and then goes back to hitting the glasses. ( and did I mention I was giving her hand a little smack too? ARRGHHHHH) She is a very determined young lady.

With Bella, she would start crying and need reassurance. Mia just acts like its all no biggee and would we please get out of her way. LOL

Mia stumbled yesterday and landed on her face, splitting her lip. Poor thing. She already has a mashed up chin where she fell when Richie was watching her. You’d think she was participating in boxing matches.

We sat Bella down this week and explained that she is big enough now that she doesn’t need ‘treats’ when she uses the bathroom. She’ll now only gets treats for cleaning and doing stuff around the house. At this rate, she may never ever get a treat again— EVER.

I bought Mia’s anniversary present last night. Suddenly I can’t WAIT for our anniversary to come so I can give it to her!!!! It is this squishy plush bear that lights up in a rainbow of changing colors when you squish it’s paw. No music. No fanfare….just a mesmerizing light show. I bought Richie’s gifts too but I won’t write about it just in case pigs start flying and he actually READS my blog. (You never know, the weather around here is really bizzare lately.) Richie and I agreed that HE would be responsible for Bella’s gift this year. That way, it will be extra special because it is “from daddy”. It’s stressful to give him that responsibility because I know he doesn’t know what Bella likes as much as I do. On the other hand, I was stressing because there is a LOT of stuff I know she would like, and I just couldn’t decide! So you know, stressed if you do and stressed if you don’t.


I’ve been doing more research on Graves disease, hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, adrenal failure and the supplement DHEA. Interesting stuff. I really need to request more tests from my doc. Of course, that would require me calling, making an appoinment, and getting my butt down there (with the girls in tow) for a sit down with the doc. What a hassle.


Lately I’ve been listening to pretty mainstream stuff. Keane, Roguewave, and the newest cd from Bowling For Soup (i got an edited version from walmart…YAY!). As per normal, I play cds over and over and over until I just can’t stand them anymore. Then I put them somewhere that I won’t remember later and can never find them again. I JUST re-found my Keane cd and can’t believe I ever took it out of rotation. LOVE THEM! Roguewave I’ve been stuck on ever since the Guster concert over the summer. And the Bowling for Soup I haven’t listened to all the way through yet but how could you NOT groove on the song, “Highschool Never Ends”. I laughed my way through about half the cd last night on the drive home from errands….especially the song, “I’m gay”, which has nothing to do with sexuality. They are such a kick in the pants!!!


I’m sooo relieved that I finished my calendar pages! It wasn’t a particularly stressful assignment (which i assigned myself, by signing up for it….d’oh!) but lately, ANYTHING with a deadline has me sooo stressed out. I’ve started stressing out over art deadlines almost as much as a get-my-talk-written-by deadline. That sort of sucks the fun out of it. Not cool. But, they are done and sitting in the mailbox, to be sent to the gal in Alaska who will be compiling them. I’ve seen most of the art for each month and this is going to be SUCH a cool calendar. ArtPlay, eat your heart out!!!

I still haven’t finished my altered book (which doesn’t need to be mailed out until January). I’m still liking my theme. I added some tea-stain varnish to the cover and I’m not sure I like how orange it came out. Generally, I think of tea as more pinkish brown than ORANGE. ick. I’m hoping that adding more gold accents will play down the orange. I haven’t completed the cover since I still need to make some decisions on how I’m going to put the title on. I may use printed words and put them in metal frames…..or maybe rub-on letters….or maybe stamps. I also got some cool metal accents for the corners of the covers and some handles. The handles might be too bulky. Like I said, I haven’t decided yet. I also still need to design a signature page, write in some directions and attach them discreetly somewhere and do at least a two page spread inside.

I also need to start ‘consuming’ a bunch of my goodwill books. They are stacks of older books that I bought so that I could cut pictures out of them. I start forgetting what is in them and then, stupidly, buy more because I have forgotton what I already have. Dumb, dumb, dumb. AND they are taking up valuable space, man! Like I don’t have enough books for READING lying around just waiting for bookcase space! Eh ghads!


I had some recurring dreams last night….kinda stressfull….my dad would lecture me and make threats and when i would challenge him on what he was threatenng (stuff like turning me into the cops and weird stuff like that), he would pull out a gun and yell at me. This theme repeated itself several times. Then while fuming over being yelled at and threatened, I was shopping at this boutique mall and nothing fit me. And someone was sort of after me and I was ducking in and out of stalls and closets. I went into this really cool stall and the closets had mirrored floors so you could see more than one side of everything in the closet. I was thinking HOW COOL IS THIS!

Then somehow as the dream continuted to recycle itself, I’d say something out of frustration to my mom or dad, dad would threaten me, I would challenge him on the stupidity of his threats and then he would pull out the gun again. It was a really weird cycle. Oh yeah, and in between shopping, I was contacting the police and reporting fires breaking out every few buildings on the street I was on. The problem was, I couldn’t figure out the name of the street and I didn’t know which town I was in cause I had gotten lost somewhere along the way, but I was trying to be helpful and give them the numbers of the buildings on fire as I drove past them. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.

And Yeah, I have issues.

Well, just about finished with my coffee and I have about a jillion (okay, a hundred) emails to get caught up on.




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  2. I’m the same way with music, listening to something till I get sick of it. But come to think of it, I’m that way with all my hobbies. That’s why I always go through these phases. Last 2 months it was magic tricks. Now I’m sick of that and probably getting back into writing. But at least the main ones always stick with me, which are music, reading and writing, and movies.

  3. haha… looks like someone has some daddy issues. well hey, you don’t even want to know some of the dreams i’ve had about my mom. in my dreams I’m the one who’s aiming the gun.

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