Picture pages….get your picture pages….

November 20, 2006 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Here are some pictures from the party last night (see the below post for more on that): Muriel Burton & Shirley McLain, Bella posing in front of the flamingos, Susan & Debbie Kline, Jerod and my uncle Floyd. The second set of pictures are of the new furry members of our family…. I think Scarlett (she’s in all the pictures except for the upper right one) is feeling more at home. She adores being brushed and will follow you around and snuggle in the hopes of more brushing. Rhett came out of hiding this morning and, in the upper right picture, is chowing down on his breakfast. He is slowly but surely adjusting to his new home. He’s still kinda shy and spends most of his days in hiding.
The other four pictures are Bella and Mia this morning. (Yeah, Bella was so tired last night that she slept in her party duds.) Mia, as always, loves having her picture taken and grins like mad. She is STILL calling me Da-da which makes me nuts. Actually, all humans are da-da….her mum, dad, sister, and any stranger whose attention she is trying to get. The funny thing is, she points, yells “da-da!”, and then proceeds to ramble on in some un-known language to whomever she is talking to/at. She is going to be a talker, just like her big sister I’m thinking, because she’s a little motor mouth already….jabbering on and on in her little high pitched baby voice. *smirk*


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