Lucky Cinderella, i so envy her….

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So….. I am tired.

Not really anything new.
And, at least today, I am tired after actually DOING something.

The weekend was one of those go, go, go ones where you don’t get a single break and you meet all your obligations but you are so tired that you don’t really get to ENJOY them much.

After picking up the cats on Saturday, Lisa and I watched “John Tucker Must Die”. If you love teeny-bopper flicks about teenagers played by twenty-somethings and you don’t mind a corny, totally guessable storyline, then this movie is for you. I loved it. LOL

Then, after the movie, Keith took Lisa home and Richie and Mia and I got into the car for the hour drive south to see his parents.
Then began the cat talks.

Richie was not convinced we should get them and when he got home from work on Saturday, there they were. “Boy, the mice sure got big all of a sudden”, he says as he walks thru the front door and one of the giant cats runs by. I was just relieved at the time that he was being so good natured about it. But then, as we are driving he says basically, “why, why, why, why????”.

So then we talked and FINALLY we came upon why he didn’t want the cats. It wasn’t the cost, the smell, the ‘responsibility’, or anything else. He was concerned that they were going to be Clutter.

Now, if you have ever seen the homes of certain members of my family and people I grew up with, you would understand his clutter concern. I have a really bad habit of starting projects and leaving them half finished for later. I love to read and have books and magazines that “I plan to get to”, stacked up all over the house. Sooo….as a compromise, I promised to cut down on the clutter. I know that I have been needing to be more routine in my habits. I feel like I never get anything done. I make a lot of plans but they never seem to pan out. So we talked about all the forms of clutter around the house. The dining room, the living room, the kitchen, the office….etc. etc. etc.

So I now have a list of things that I have promised to de-clutter. And, for the sake of posterity (and in case the list I made and stuck to the fridge falls off and disappears), I will put my list here…….

1. Maintain empty surfaces in the kitchen. (we do not have counters so this is no small feat)

2. Keep the sink empty enough that the water pitcher can be refilled at any given moment.

3. Keep the Dining Table empty and cleared off of any craft items at all times (except when guests come over to use it with me)

4. Toys picked up from the living room just before Richie gets home so that they don’t have a chance to accumulate and he gets to at least see it clean once in a while…(more a matter of timing than anything else)

5. No food on the floor or anything else that can stick to the bottom of your socks (I know this one sounds obvious….unless you live with small children and then you KNOW how just about impossible this one is)

6. Carpets vacuumed more often so that there is no cat hair on them (they’ve been here 3 1/2 days and there are already some hairballs that need to be vacuumed up….ugh)

7. No more stacks of magazines or books in the livingroom or diningroom

8. No laundry stacked anywhere but the Giant Purple Chair in the livingroom

9. Not more than one laundry basket waiting to be folded left out at any given time.

10. Maintain empty ottoman so that feet can be put on it without disturbing something already there

It seems like there are some more items on the list downstairs on the fridge but I can’t think of them at the moment….I think that is because the other items on the list are projects that need doing to accomplish the items above….like for instance, cleaning off my craft table in the playroom so that IT can be used instead of the diningroom table. Stuff like that…

oh yeah….also need to empty out the guestroom, otherwise known as “the nappy room”, “the storage room”, and “ugh, I can’t look at it because there is too much stuff crammed in there and I’m scared something is going to crawl, jump, or ooze out and on to me”-room.

So…like….there is my day….Finished with the kitchen, started some laundry. Gotta bring all the rest downstairs and sort it. Then wash it. Then fold it. Then quickly put it away so that no one sees it in the living room.


….shoot me now.


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