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Well it’s Friday….

…and since there was a ‘holiday’ yesterday, today is grocery shopping day around here. The girls both have colds (miraculously, I haven’t caught it yet) and I’m debating whether or not to just wait till Richie gets home to do the shopping. The problem with that scenario is that then I have to FLY from store to store as they close trying to get it all done.

Now, if I were a normal person, I would just go to one or two stores and be done with it. But, seeing as it’s me, and I have to get THE best price on everything, I have to go to SIX different stores. Of course, this is my idea of fun so I can’t really complain. It’s just a matter of timing. And oh but I am so tempted to go out into the big bad world of retail and check out all those amazing sales that are today only. But seriously, I am way too tired to add more stores to the list just for a good deal on a fleece sweatshirt (old navy has ’em for 10 bucks today! Drool).

Since I have nothing better to write about today, I will list the regular stops on my weekly shopping expedition……(yes, this is mind numbing, isn’t it??)

1. First Caswell’s……otherwise known as the ‘dented can store’. All kinds of super duper buys on canned goods, pet items, etc. Never know what they will have from week to week but it will always be a steal!
2. Then off to Big Lots…..snack foods, laundry detergent, office supply stuff…
3. Somewhere in between these stops, a trip over to Starbucks is required to refuel…
4. Then of course, sometimes (like today) we need to dash over to the dollar store. Gotta get me some cheap lint rollers for all the cat hair…..argghh…
5. Let’s see…..then we hit Shaw’s (for all you west coasters, I believe it is called Albertson’s there)
6. Then of course there is Walmart……the meca of all marts…..ours is a super-duper-giant-has-its-own-gravitational-pull-center Walmart. So I buy all non-fresh groceries and drug store items there….whatever I didn’t already get at the other places. Since the frozen food items come from there as well, that’s generally the last stop of the night. Since it’s open either till midnight or 24 hours (depending on the remodeling schedule), that place can suck you into itself for hours of leisurelly wandering….
7. Oh yeah, and today I gotta hit Petsmart (or petco or pet staples….can’t remember it’s name) to find a bigger cat hair brush. Ours are too small….they only kinda get to the surface hair and we need a much deeper/larger/human-head-sized brush for our giant felines…. think more small cheetah size than normal housecat

Now, depending on this or that, sometimes we can slip into other stores along the way (Joann’s, Craft Mania, TJMaxx, Kohl’s, etc). But usually not. For me, these are the forbidden stores that just tempt you to come in and spend all your grocery money on things you didn’t know you ‘needed’ until you are there. LOL

(Hmmm…..Except….I DO kinda need a new pair of footless tights…..addicted to those things since you can wear big ol’ socks with your dress up boots and not worry about crunching up your toes trying to put the socks OVER your normal tights or nylons….how did I ever live before footless tights???)

Ah well…..we’ll see how the cookie crumbles. I am still in my bathrobe and glasses drinking my coffee. I just finished getting caught up on my email and it’s just about naptime for one of the rugrats so things to do dontcha know….

Till next time…..



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