Eight Years Later…..

November 28, 2006 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well, here we are, eight years after our ‘big day’…. Today was our Anniversary!
The first picture is of the card that Bella made for us this year (with the help of her grandparents). I was really impressed with how well she wrote her letters. Not too shabby for three years old, eh??
Then we have a few pictures of the four of us opening our presents.
Richie and I took a few pictures of ourselves the ol’ hold-the-camera-back -with-one-arm-and-grin way. Then Bella took a few of us as well. So, we have a couple of just the two of us. Ta Da! We’re just SO talented.

There is a funny (to me anyhow) picture of Richie with his ‘gold’ coins that were attached to his present (yeah, chocolate). He loves gold coins. Seriously,….. he needs like a big pot of gold at the end of a rainbow somewhere to stand guard over dressed in a green suit and litle hat. “don’t touch me gooold!!!!!”

Out of everything she got, I think Mia liked her ball the best. She tossed aside the fancy light up bear (over a period of time it lights up in a whole rainbow of colors….personally, I think it is awe-SOME) several times because it was blocking her ball. She carried that little thing all around the house— rolling it, throwing it, and chasing it -all afternoon. Oh yeah, and her shiny bead necklaces….She keeps swiping Bella’s so I finally got her a set to call her own. She has at least one strand on in almost every picture. Girl’s gotta have bling!

Bella posed in her butterfly outfit (wings with little bells on the end that make tinkly noises and an antennae headband). She jumped around, flapping her arms (and wings, of course). The cat was chasing around the bells. Totally cute.

Then later, the girls and I drove Keith and Lisa to the airport. Richie went to the meeting to do his Bible reading, and then he hit the road to Boston where he’s got some training to do for the next couple of days. A whirlwind day! Whew!


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