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I have SO MUCH news!!!

First, ‘yay’ item, Lisa is back from her trip! Yay!

Second, my brother in law (who moved back to NY) was reinstated this week! YAY!

Third, my folks are going to be here Friday AND my mom is staying for a week! YAY!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to talk for hours and do art and show her all the crazy things the girls say and do. YAYAYAYYYYYY!!!

And Fourth and most immediate….MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS BACK UP!!!!!! WAHOOOO!!!! I’m seriously almost dancing with relief and joy!!!!

I still have a HUGE long list of things that I need to get done before my folks and their friends arrive tomorrow so I don’t have much time to actually BE online but yay it is BACK! Whew! I felt so isolated and cut off from the world. I could send an email if I was willing to type something and hit the refresh button for about twenty minutes. I think I sent two emails yesterday. I called the cable company to find out what was going on…..spent twenty minutes with the guy telling me to type this and that, unplug this, plug it there, okay switch it…..blah blah blah….he had no clue what was going on……then he ‘transferred’ me to another department and after waiting on hold for OVER FORTY MINUTES I gave up and hung up. Mia was in bed screaming her lungs out and Bella was hungry and come on, forty minutes?????? I had had enough….

So last night after picking up the friedrich’s from the airport, I ran around doing the grocery shopping….got home late as usual but was so revved up from stress and caffeine that I didn’t get to sleep until around 1. Richie was playing his new pc game so he was pretty awake too. But we were good, switched off the tv and we MADE ourselves go to sleep. Sometimes the clock is just in charge.

Anyway, curtains to wash, dry, and hang,…..pictures to move around, floors to be mopped and vacuumed (not nec. in that order) and laundry to be done.

I’m off!!!!



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