And So It Goes….

December 18, 2006 at 10:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks….we crammed so much into the time that it feels more like it’s been a month since I’ve written here.
Physically, I feel like the moments after a heavy storm has struck and then moved off towards the horizon….the smell of ozone is still in the air from the lightning and the little bits of dust are still flying about but starting to settle. I’m looking about and seeing tattered remnants of our week everywhere…..seriously…..a week and a half’s worth of dusting, laundry, dishes and toy pick up to be done. Oddly enough, we DID work on all those things during the week. At certain points, the laundry was folded and (mostly) put away. Dishes were done and the sink was empty enough that I bleached it….so where did all this mess come from???? (and don’t even get me started on the hairballs in the corners of the rooms left by our dear long-haired cats…)
I’m SO tired.
The word ‘tired’ is somehow empty of meaning.
My face and eyes are puffy from continuous lack of sleep (see above picture taken at the airport of me and mom….surprisingly good given the fact that I held the camera up and took it myself).
My throat and eyes are dry, scratchy, and sore. I’m sitting here with a steamy mug (for the sake of accuracy, soup bowl sized coffee cups are the only thing I use) of home-brewed mocha with an extra heaping spoonful of organic cocoa tossed in for a teensy bit bigger caffeine kick and although it is full of frothy chocolately goodness, I’m sort of too tired to drink it.
THAT my friends, is TIRED.
I stayed up WAYYYY too late AGAIN last night….thanks to a habit of savoring every minute and staying up till the wee hours of the morning while mum was here, I believe that I’m now on West Coast time. Not a big deal if I had any travel plans coming up. But, given the fact that I live on the EAST COAST and have small children that wake up rearing to go at the crack of dawn (okay, lately 8am but they also wake up a lot at night!), I have no time to languidly while away the hours in bed resting and getting my beauty sleep. And did I mention Richie has been out of town the last few days??? I hate these tiny trips to single parenting…..
Woeeee…..woeee….woee is me…..
(Okay, seriously, the whining is getting a bit irritating even to me at this point, so enough on that subject.)
Mom, if you are reading this (and I’m guessing you likely are not since you travelled all day yesterday and dealt with rotating doors that didn’t rotate, wheeled luggage that didn’t take too kindly to being taken down sets of stairs -those airport folks sure seemed nice though – and flight delays) I just wanted to let you know that I finished boxing up that stuff and it is sitting in 11 neat priority packages on the front porch waiting on our mail person to pick them up. I got a confirmation from the usps that the pickup WOULD be done today. Although, this is a high mail volume time of year so I’m hoping they actually get to you in a timely manner.
Tess, SERIOUSLY NOW…..I miss you. Even as tired as I am, I miss ‘hearing’ from you on your blog. It’s been since Nov. 6 that it was updated. I heard through mom that you’ve been super busy but I feel like I’m getting the silent treatment! I know, I know…’s all about me. *smirk* But really, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….take five minutes and
write something.
It doesn’t even need to be cute or spunky or have a great lyric as the title. It doesn’t even need a picture. Just PLEASE write!!! And, if you ARE reading this (you’ve been too busy, haven’t you?), thank you. It gets lonely around here with no one ever reading this little ol’ blog and no one ever commenting.
(oops, there I go with the woe is me stuff again)
So let’s see…..I really need to write about what we’ve been doing this week….hmm…..maybe later.

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