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Let me give you a glimpse into my day so far and you’ll get an idea of where my mind is….

First, was having stressful dreams but dreaming them on our new firm mattress which I LOVE and is wonderful! It was a handmedown from a neighbor of a friend and appeared to be just about new so instead of putting it on our guest bed like planned, we swapped it out for OUR bed. It cost us five dollars to dispose of the old mattress and boxspring that was on our guestbed (we put ours on it instead when we switched them) soooo basically it cost us only FIVE DOLLARS for a new mattress set. How sweet a deal is that???

Anyway….so the phone rings (i needed to get up anyway) and it is Richie. He tells me that he just found out that his company (verizon) plans to sell his division (Maine) next week to a company that will most likely pay only HALF of what they are paying now.

I don’t need to tell you how scary that is for several reasons. How are we going to pay our mortgage/bills/groceries/medical insurance?????? I’m scared.

THEN…..apparently I was moving about in more of a fog than I thought because I got up, changed Mia and then decided to take her downstairs…..At the top of the stairs, my legs fly out from under me (yes, while I’m holding her) and I start tumbling down the stairs.

I used my right hand to grasp for the banister. I finally caught on about five or six steps down. I’m pretty sure her little body never made contact with the stairs cause I had her cushioned with my arm/body but we were both pretty shaken up. She started bawling because it scared her. Me on the other hand, I’m bruised on my whole left side where I went crashing down….

….so it’s Friday….and that’s my day so far.

I won’t ask what else can happen because I’ve learned from experience that it can ALWAYS BE WORSE….



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