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It’s Monday here….after the most AMAZINGLY beautiful weekend! It got up to almost 70 degrees on Saturday. I didn’t wear a coat most of the weekend. And this is January in Maine, go figure!
I uploaded a page from my altered art book. I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out. Now I just need to finish a few more pages in it so I can mail it out to the next artist to work in! Coming in to that home stretch now because it is almost finished! YAY!
The calendar that I did a couple pages for is currently being auctioned off for charity on ebay and is at 51 dollars so far with still another day to go. Very cool!
Over the weekend, while dressing Mia, we realized that she had grown more than we thought. Most of the dresses in her closet at the moment are too tiny. Time to bring more down from the attic and pack up the ones hanging in her closet still….seems like I’m always moving clothes around…if not the too big and too small clothes for the girls, then the too cold and too hot clothes for myself. Well, I guess that is one downside to living in a region that has actual SEASONS….you know….as opposed to california where you can pretty much wear your clothes any old time….Except hmm…..they have been swapping weather with US lately….warm HERE and freezing there….maybe instead of packing my clothes away I should be boxing it up and mailing it over there…..HAR HAR HAR

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