Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ

January 11, 2007 at 11:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

So Whaddya think of my new format? Richie says it needs more coffee because coffee is what I’m really about. But I think the coffee colors and the pic of beans gives it enough subconcious coffee flavor. Plus I’m really hooked on little fat birds lately…..

You know how you go through phases (maybe YOU don’t, who knows??) where you are totally gung-ho on stuff. EXAMPLE: for years and years I just adored giraffes. I had giraffe picture frames and little stuffed giraffe toys, a giant giraffe couple rubber stamp to decorate stuff….you get the idea. THEN the big thing was PARIS. I have eiffel towers and pictures of paris all over the house. Seriously– in the bathroom, livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, diningroom….EVERYWHERE.

Well, apparently I have now graduated from Paris related paraphernalia to fat little songbirds…..they have filled my kitchen and are extending out into other parts of the house…I have a little motion-activated songbird (it really sounds like the real thing too- i love it!) in the playroom so that whenever someone walks by my craft table, they are serenaded. Hee hee

ANYWAY… is the weeks’ grocery shopping day. This week is a lean week as a bunch of bills are due this week. DRAG. SUCH A DRAG. But a couple of my rubber stamps on ebay did fairly well so I may have a little bit of extra change jingling in my pocket today. You know…..just in case.

And last but not least,


Nothing worse than one-way conversations, man!



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  1. Cheers to FAT LITTLE BIRDS!!! They are like sweet little babies! They make chubby look HOT! I never realized, I’m a wanna-be fat song bird :)I love you so much, you cutie-pie!*hugs*

  2. OH! and i Loooove your new format… its elegant and very coffee-stimulant-ish

  3. HAhahhah I especially love the “who do i wanna be when i grow up” category… heheheh it make me giggle with hapiness….

  4. The first time I walked by that stupid song bird in the dark it almost scared me to death!!!

  5. Love your blog. Keep talking!xo -Chel

  6. i love the colors and your banner, it’s really pretty and professional looking. very nice.

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