Friday Morning is underway!

January 26, 2007 at 9:29 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Well, it’s another week’s end and it is grocery shopping day again. Bella is going to her grandparent’s to spend the night. She is all atwitter. She always gets so excited. You’d think she was a teenager the way she is so blase’ about leaving for the night. She isn’t even four yet and she is a seasoned spend-the-nighter already. Sometimes she gets so excited to be going that she doesn’t even wave goodbye! The house is SO quiet without her too. Even with Mia trying to fill the quiet with her little chatter, it is still not to the same decible range. LOL
This morning I need to print out our latest shopping list and then after Mia’s nap, we are off to hit the stores…. Caswell’s and Big Lots are the first stop to find groceries at below retail….then Shaw’s and Walmart with a stop at Starbucks thrown in between for a caffeine rush.
I have several projects awaiting my attention. I still need to finish my sister’s ATC KIT that she was promised weeks ago. It is very near completion and yet is sitting unattended on the corner of my art desk. I also need to complete a themed ATC by the end of the month and I have TWO Altered Books that belong to the SAME round robin that need my attention. Yikes.
So far, I’ve been self-disciplined enough to NOT open the second box that arrived with the second book inside. If I open it, I think just Staring at yet another project that needs doing will send me over the edge. I am so stressed about these seemingly insignificant deadlines that I actually CLEANED the House yesterday instead of working on them. LOL
I was also working on some stamped invitations to a clothes swap a friend and I are planning. I hope it ends up with a lot of participants. Otherwise, it could be a total bust. The invites are just about finished….now we just need to stamp and address all the envelopes….oh yeah, and I need to dig out some stuff to swap.
So….that is how my Friday is shaping up. Yesterday it was 7 degrees when we left the house in the morning and it warmed up to 15. Today is supposed to be colder. The heater is struggling to heat the house at the moment it would seem because the thermostat is severl degrees below its targeted temperature. That is an odd occurance. Hopefully it will catch up soon because I need to take a shower and running around a cold house with wet hair is fairly unpleasant.
Well, I’m off and running!

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  1. I would like to exprress to you how incredibly cute you are!!!! I LOOOOOVE YOU, Sondi!I hope your day of shopping isn’t too tiring. Don’t feel pressed for time with my ATC stuff… i know you are 100 times more busy than me and i’m being super patient 🙂 its so exciting that you are even cool enough to send me a kit… you rule! I’m stoked!*kisses & hugs*

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