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Well, yesterday I was feeling pretty cruddy for most of the day.

I dragged myself to the meeting because the C.O. was there and it would just be wrong to miss it but then I left right after. We came home, tucked the girls in for naps and I changed into my jammies and laid on the couch….I stayed there most of the next 12 hours or so.

I was so sick to my stomach.

At first I thought it was from consuming chicken products the night before (chicken stock). Then I started thinking about everyone I know who has the flu and I was really worried because it is a ferocious flu. So, to be on the safe side, I ate a snack and took some enzymes. I drank water and more water. Ate another snack with some enzymes……and by the end of the night I started feeling a bit better. I just need to get those chicken remains out of my stomach. Since I don’t naturally have the enzymes to break them down myself, the food will sit and rot in my stomach. Lovely picture, don’t you think?

I’m sure you are asking by now, “if you know chicken makes you sick, why in the world did you eat it???”. Well, I will tell you.

I have this rule. I am very careful to avoid foods that make me sick….sweeteners, msg, complex salts with wierd names, chicken, and sometimes turkey. EXCEPT when I am at someone’s house for dinner. If there is no polite way to eat around the food, I just swallow my pride and accept the consequences. This person went out of their way to cook for me and put a lot of work into it. The least I can do is suffer for awhile and enjoy the fruits of their labor. That is my reasoning anyhow.


my point to explaining the ill feeling was to explain why i spent the day on the couch watching tv. I never do that anymore. I generally will watch at the most, a couple of hours and then I can’t stand the tv anymore and I go do something else for awhile. I have plenty of art projects that are ongoing and I’d rather be eating chocolate and doing THOSE anyway. But yesterday was an exception so I caught up on all the stuff I’d recorded on the DVR. I watched CSI-NY, psych (part of the pilot), a USA channel showing of Cold Mountain (with commercials it was 3 HOURS….thank goodness for fast forward!!!), and finally the movie SUPERSIZE ME that had aired awhile back on msnbc. (if you click on the title of this post, it will take you to a picture of the movie cover and give you info on it on


After watching that man’s experience (the first time he ate that big mac supersized, he got so ill that he threw up out his car window), I am really re-thinking my occasional visits to fast food restaurants. I try to be careful with my choices, especially when it comes to feeding the girls. I thought chicken nuggets would be better than other choices since it was protein. Then, come to find out, MCnuggets are ground up ALL parts of the chicken, combined with fillers and then pressed into “recognizable shapes”. Excuse me? Have you looked at those shapes? There is no part of a chicken that looks like that!

Also, I am now more concerned about my liver function and cholesterol levels. I’ve never had either checked but I eat a lot of fat in my diet…..cheese, sour creme, butter, red meat, etc…. I’m wondering how it is affecting my liver….since it isn’t a great liver to start with. I never knew fatty foods could HARM your liver!!! YIKES!!!! It’s been years since I had a physical and I’m starting to get a little panicky about that fact. My dr. is leaving the practice in a few days so i’m going to have to find a new one as it is. But EEEK, I better get off my duff and do it more quickly than I had planned!!!!


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