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Well, it’s Wednesday.

Half way through the week.

Today is usually one of the more stressfull days of the week. Not so much because anything stressfull happens per sec but because lately, Richie has classes after work (job training) and it means I’m with the girls every single second from the moment they drag me out of bed in the morning (“Mama, Mia’s ‘wake. I got this from the snack basket. Can you open this for me???”) till they get tucked in at night. For some reason, this day of single parenting is more wearing than the rest. I have no clue how REAL single parents do it and maintain their sanity. It is completely baffling. They must be made of stronger stuff than I.

In general though, I’m feeling better today.

Got some of the projects done that had looming deadlines. The ATC Kit I made for Tess is sitting in a box on the front porch waiting for the postlady to come pick it up and send it on it’s way. (yay!) The ATC card I owed someone is also in the mail. Most of the invites for the clothes swap are in the mail. The other half …no more like a third…are sitting on the dining room table awaiting stamps and then they will be out into the mail as well. I finished scanning in the altered book that I need to work on still. I scanned it, uploaded the pictures into a yahoo album and now I only have MY parts to add to the book. I am not sure why that is such a relief but it is. Obligation done.

I am scheduled to be someone’s householder next week but that is like almost zero stress. Nothing for me to write. Just show up in modest clothing, read what’s on the cards and *poof!* I’m done.

A friend stopped by unexpectedly yesterday.

I probably don’t need to say that the house was a complete disaster. I did actually clean it around 4 o’clock so it’d be spiffy when Richie came home. But my dear friend got to see it in all it’s filthy splendor. Fortunately, she’s not terribly judgemental. I love that in a person. In fact, it is a qualification of ANY close friend in my book. So we hung out and chatted and caught up. I tried not to notice the cheerios crunching under my knees when I sat on the floor. (I don’t know why but I always sit on the floor when people visit. Even when there is a perfectly good empty chair available. Some sort of brain wiring issue. Weird.) But it was a nice visit and I loved that it was unexpected too. Kind of like a surprise present….a little adult conversation can sometimes do a stay at home mom a world of good.

ANYHOOO……my stomach is doing better today. Well, it WAS …..until I licked a bunch of envelopes (envelope glue is the nastiest stuff….why can’t it taste like bubblegum instead of industrial solvents???) and then had to clean up the contents of one of the cat’s colons off my bedroom rug. I think one of them is mad at me. The problem is — I have no idea which one. And I can’t punish them both. ARRGGGHHH…..I couldn’t believe all that poop could come out of one animal all at once. It was like LARGE DOG size. *gag* Awful…..and on a formerly white carpet too. Well, I say formerly because of the stains left from other cat-colon-related-episodes. I have to keep reminding myself that cat poop is still better than mouse poop. *sigh* Stupid cats. The longer I have them, the more I feel that I’m really a dog person.


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