Today I Am Blessed

February 9, 2007 at 9:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


I am healthy enough to turn another year older.
My appendages all work just fine.
I have two beautiful, healthy daughters who are smart, affectionate, and love to laugh and smile.
I have a husband in good health who tries to serve Jehovah and take care of his family to the best of his ability.
My parents are both living and interested in seeing me thrive.
I am blessed with interesting siblings with sparkling personalities.
I have dear friends with whom I can share my thoughts and emotions in safety and trust and with whom will also trust me enough to do the same.
There are two cats that live in my house who chase away the mice.
We have plenty of food and there is oil in the furnace to heat the house.

I am blessed to know Jehovah and to have the privilege to introduce him to others.
I am blessed to know things like why bad things happen to good people and to not fear the future.
I have hobbies that add enjoyment to my life and the resources to indulge in them.
Our home has heat and running water and shelters us from the elements and also has space enough for the people I love to visit.
I have access to books and movies to spark my imagination.
I also have access to friends and family at long distances thru an internet connection.
I have access to health care, medications, and vitamins to help me be at my best.

I have clothes in such a variety that not only do I not fear the elements but I can also indulge my senses with colors and textures.

And last but not least, I have enough dark chocolate and coffee to last me until it’s time to go grocery shopping again. *grin*


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  1. Happy day you were birthed! :)And it sure looks like you have enough blessing to make you wanna stick around! Thats the best! you know why? then you wont be like those people who want to penetrate their brain with a bullet every single day 🙂 and that makes me happy!

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