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Well, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted here….My mom has been here visiting for about a week. So far, we’ve left the house together a whole ONE TIME because she caught a bug before she left home and has been sick sick sick! She’s got this hacking cough and is all nasally (sp?). I have been taking tons of vitamins and making a point of not staying up too late (usually when Mom visits, she stays on California time and I end up staying up till 2 and 3am with her and then *I* end up on California time!!)
So far, so good. Except– this morning I woke up with a sore throat and now i’m scared i’m gonna get the bug!YIKES!!!
I have an appointment today with my new homeopathic primary care physician. I haven’t met him yet and he’ll be my first male dr. (except for chiros). I have heard such good things about him though that i’m willing to make an exception.
I’ve been uploading pictures to snapfish this morning. I haven’t had any pictures developed since October. Mia has grown SO MUCH since then. It’s just crazy. So I have jillions of pictures to get caught up on. Whew!
Stephanie and Justin are going to try and visit soon. They are waiting on their tax return and hoping to find cheap tickets. My mom kept insisting that they get tickets on jetblue since it’s so cheap and flies directly into Portland. EXCEPT, jetblue has been cancelling flights left and right over the past week and we’re starting to wonder if anyone should be flying with them at all. Hmm….
Anyhooo…..more later!

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