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#1 My Tessie is coming!!!! She bought her plane tickets and is arriving March 14….staying a few days and we are going to play play play!!!!

#2 Hair Dye/Bleach…My mom helped me bleach my hair last night. I was hoping for a 1920’s starlet, white-blonde but ended up with my normal hair just lightened a few shades lighter for an all around more blonde look with darker chunks (which is what I had before….dark and light chunks). But now I’m a sassier blonde. I warned Richie that my IQ would be dropping by about 60 points as soon as the chemicals were finished processing. I think I only achieved about a 20 IQ point loss. I’ll have to try for a lighter blonde in a few weeks when the hair has recovered enough for some more processing. AND tomorrow I’m going to go get a trim so it will really look spiffy in all it’s blonde glory.

#3 Mom’s still here! We are having a really nice relaxed, fun visit. We’ve been doing a lot of resting though since she came down with a bug that she brought over from the west coast with her a few days into the trip. Then the girls got it. (I’ve been fighting it so haven’t come down with a full blown case as yet. I’ve been taking lots of vitamins so I think I’m just a tad run down from it. The girls are coughing and their noses are little faucets that won’t shut off. ) We took a drive yesterday after the meeting (richie was home with the girls) through Oxford and Norway and Paris and South Paris so mom could see all the pre-fab home building businesses (why are they all closed on Sundays?? that is so stupid) and then we joked about how we could tell people we had a girls road trip to Paris. I know, lame but very funny at the time. Hee hee

#4 SHOES (summer shoes are just around the corner. Got some spiffy sparkley shoes that are sitting waiting patiently to take a walk on my feet as soon as that pesky snow melts!)


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