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Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days. The top one is of me and the girls in front of the FABULOUS restaurant, Eggspectations. It is on my list of top five places to eat. You can see my blonder hair….
(I say “blonder” because it isn’t quite blonde enough for me yet although it is Blonde – ER than before).

Then ……..we have a pic of me and my Bella, Mia eating her melon slice, Mia this morning (I wish I could be THAT full of joy and energy without coffee!!!) and one of my mom laughing at the restaurant.

After the foursome of pictures, is one that was taken of Me, Bella, Mia and Mom by the waiter. (They are so super nice to folks with kids at that place. Not only did they bring complimentary melon slices and crackers for the girls WITHOUT being asked, the waiter was even concerned about Mia choking and so cut some up for her! SO NICE!) Bella asked, “Mama, can we go here EVERY day???”.

The next picture down was just too funny so I had to include it. Bella and I are BOTH closing our eyes as the picture is snapped.

Two of a kind. LOL

In other news, Mom brought me a copy of Adobe Picture something-or-other-5.0
I was checking it out yesterday and it BLOWS AWAY the program I’ve been using for like the last ten years. Talk about old technology left in the dust! It’s going to take me a while to get the hang of all the bells and whistles but I hope to be making some BIG improvements to my pictures with it. Only time will tell but it is soooo exciting!

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