Monday, Monday….can’t trust that day…

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Today I’m in countdown mode….

I’ve got my long list of things to get done in the next couple of days before my Tessie gets here. Not sure that it will all get done (history would suggest ‘NO’) but I’ll do my best. Richie and I got quite a bit done yesterday afternoon around the house. He vacuumed (shopvac) the landing where a lot of the drywall and plaster patching debris had landed and stuck to things. I vacuumed all the floors upstairs with the upright
(man, do i hate lugging that thing upstairs…
“CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK”, it complains as it slams against every other step going up. It’s really a wonder the thing still works at ALL!!).
Then I mopped just about the whole second floor…even the bedrooms. I was so proud of myself! I went to bed sore and am still recovering today but it represents a huge project completed from my spring cleaning checklist.

Now I just have to reorganize the blankets and sheets for both queens and store all the twins in the house together. I’m hoping we’ll be getting a bunk bed sometime in the next couple of months and then we’ll be actually USING that huge pile o’ sheets. Sheets of all sizes have been gathering in corners of the closets, cupboards, and trunks and there are just too many to keep in any one place (since we don’t have a linen closet or any kind of built in storage). And then there are the blankets….yikes.

Mom and I moved the changing table out of the girl’s room and replaced it with a dresser I found in the attic. So the changing table has been ‘floating’ from room to room as we figure out where to use it. I hate to give up even a single square inch of storage so it was a toss up between leaving the giant trunk/chest in the guest room or moving the changing table into there. The changing table won. So we moved the large chest into the attic yesterday afternoon as well. (go figure my hip is killing me today…hooray for chiropractors!)

I snapped a few pictures of the girls in their
matching blue polka dot dresses
and little white sweaters yesterday. Nobody sat still long enough to get anything memorable but I’ll add a few shots here so that you can see the dresses (mom picked them out for the girls while she was here). P.S. The little girl in the pink dress with the girls is Bella’s favorite small person, Jaina.

The girls are splashing around in the tub at the moment so I’ve got to get back to work. I’m just now gulping down my ‘morning’ coffee. It took me this long to make it and man do i need the caffeine!

And in the back of my mind are the two projects sitting on my art desk waiting for attention. I have to finish Mia’s ABC Book and get to the Altered Round Robin book that needs to get into the mail by Thursday….panic does not always aid the creative process…..EEEkkk!!!!


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