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Mia is teething again so she is a bit under the weather from that. She is getting the big ones in between the back and the front ones she already had and all four of them are coming in at once. Three have broken thru and the fourth is pressing against the gum line so the little tiny girl is just miserable. She slept thru the night last night though so I finally got to as well. * tired sigh*

I’m cleaning like there is no tomorrow…..I spent Sunday vacuuming and mopping. Then I went to the chiropractors yesterday all swollen and in pain. Most of my joints were just too swollen to let the bones adjust. When the chiropractor went to adjust my hips, they just kept stretching and stretching and the chiropractor was like, ‘what the heck?’! LOL I told the massage therapist exactly where to work on this time (i showed her the muscle groups on the chart on the wall) so that helped considerably.

For some reason, she follows her own little routine of areas to work on instead of working on the bits that are all messed up. I think in the future, i will need to be just as specific because the 20 minutes she worked on me yesterday were the most theraputic of any of the massages she has EVER given me in the last year and a half!!!

I put formaldehyde-free nailpolish on myself last night that is pink chrome. WAY shiny and metallic looking. I got it at Caswell’s (the discount grocery store) for $1.87 and thought i would take it for a spin. Then I put it on Bella’s fingers and toes this morning. She was VERY EXCITED about it! And then I painted Mia’s fingernails for the first time too! I bought her a big plastic white bangle at marshall’s the other day (on clearance for .70!) and now she is totally into bracelets! She found a bunch of bella’s plastic bracelets and has been wearing them along with all the necklaces the last couple of days.

Now, in your head, picture piles of shiny mardi gras beads AND every shape and color of bracelets lining up her chubby little arms AND shiny metallic fingernails on her itty bitty little hands as she shoves handfuls of cheerios in her mouth and you get one adorable little picture!!! I LOVE IT!!!!


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