SPRING has sprung!

March 23, 2007 at 11:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I just finished up an awesome visit with my sister, Stephanie. While she was here, we got ‘barbie makeovers’ at the MAC counter and we also had a tastefull simple party (which evolved into a few rounds of Loaded Questions. I LOVE that game!! )
The girls absolutely adored their auntie Tessie (“Assey Tessie”, according to Bella) and took right to her from within five minutes of her arriving. If you knew how apprehensive they are around visitors, you would know how unusual that is. (Mia even let her be held by her within hours of her arrival. She doesn’t like being held by friends at the hall and sometimes not even her own dad. Talk about charisma! I was astonished! )

Although there is still snow on the ground, it is melting fast. There is a stream trailing down our driveway where the snow has turned to water and is trying to escape. This morning, I saw some squirrels chasing each other in and out of the tire swing in our giant maple and around and around the trunk. And yesterday a whole FLOCK of robins were struttin’ around eating stuff where the snow was melted. It was so cool that I lifted bella to the window so she could see them all!

My houseplants are suddenly growing too and the leaves are all reaching up for the windows. Along with them, I’ve suddenly had the distinct need to change and evolve! My house is suddenly overwelming me with it’s corners and stacks of clutter and I feel the urge to purge! I want to empty out every drawer and (what limited ones we have) cupboard and just GET RID OF IT ALL!!!! So far I have a list that is steadily growing of all the stuff that needs reorganizing and sorting.


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