Wednesday’s Whining

April 5, 2007 at 10:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Hopefully this little tidbit isn’t too small to read. I’ve really been neglecting my journalling in all it’s forms lately. I haven’t worked in my personal art journal, the group altered journal, OR any of my back-and-forth-between-friends journals! It certainly cannot be that I have nothing to say. I’m the biggest loudmouth there is…..always sticking my foot in there, for crying out loud. I think I just have been sort of afraid of my art desk.

Now, initially, I would agree that being ‘afraid’ of a desk sounds pretty ridiculous. But hear me out…. I walk back and forth across the house, in and out of rooms, accessing how much needs to be picked up, put away, and cleaned in each room I pass through. And then I think, I can’t even STEP FOOT in the art room. I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO! And there is the lack of inspiration….I was inspired like a week ago after checking out information on a whole bunch of woman painters, sculpters, and photographers…..and then got sidetracked with doing busywork around the house…..then the inspiration kind of just seeped away. *sigh*
I guess I just need to put the housework on “pause” and spend a little time at my desk and wait for the inspiration to come. Because lord knows, the housework never WILL be done….
Oh yeah…..and it is STILL SNOWING!!! The weather folks say this is the worst storm we’ve had this year. It’s just crazy. It’s April and the schools and businesses are closed due to snow. SURREAL!!!

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