Wednesday’s Mental Wanderings…

April 11, 2007 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

As always, the weather seems to be my big gripe lately. Today is Beee-U-tiful! Sunny and bright. Tomorrow however, they are forcasting heavy wet snow. Dude, do they not realize it is APRIL??? Sheesh…..I’m never ever going to get to plant a garden. EVER.
After finishing my collage yesterday, it feels like a big weight is off my shoulders. No deadlines to meet for awhile. Whew! Man, do I hate deadlines…..of all kinds. Not just dislike– HATE. STRESS STRESS STRESS
Now I’m just stressing a teeny bit over upcoming anniversary dates and a wedding. With the anniversaries,…..I have to come up with some sort of gift idea. Someone help me out here— what relatively inexpensive gift would YOU like to recieve? Something you wouldn’t really buy for yourself but that would be fun and memorable. I’m ALL out of ideas.
As for the wedding….well…..All I have to do is get dressed and show up. It’s not like I’m the one taking the plunge and planning out the day to the last itty bitty detail…….But then I’m thinking, maybe, given my constant paleness, I should go mystic tan. Who looks cute in a strappy dress with glaring white arms like uncooked sausages hanging from either side of them??? But then again, even those ‘gradual’ tanning moisturizers seem to be leaving huge brown streaks on my albino self. This could be a potential DISASTER. I could look like I was hung from a meat hook and dipped in a vat of old cooking oil…..Then I’m thinking, hmm….I’ll probably want to wear cute shoes, I should probably also get a pedicure. But hmm…if I get one and then the wedding is a week later, it will look stupid because my nails will have grown, the polish will chip and I will probably already have callouses and it will all be for nothing.
Hmm….I think maybe I should just give my appearance up as a lost cause, look like a frumpy unkempt mommy-type person and just try to focus on fitting into my dress.
Hmm……maybe I should just stop thinking about it altogether.
On another note, I’ve belonged to silvertag for a couple of months now and haven’t even come close to winning ANYTHING. Nada. ZIP. ZILCH. Has anyone ever tried it and won? If so, please drop me a line ’cause I’m losing hope.
ALSO, please please pleeeeeease, someone take pity on me and
leave me a comment.
Several people have claimed to reading this blog but no one ever leaves comments EVER. Dude, one sided conversations are sadly pathetic so if you are reading this, please just give my ego the slightest little NUDGE and click on ‘comment’ and type something. ANYTHING. GIBBERISH IS FINE. Just let your fingers hit some keys and hit ‘enter’. IT’s really fine. SERIOUSLY.
LEAVE ME A COMMENT, would ya????


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  1. Hi Sondi!It is Andrea, aka The Fantaisie Obscure, Bebop.Vamp and natural born INTP.Nice to meet you, Shasha and Matt speak of you often. Your blog is awesome, I read it almost every day and I will make a more concerted effort to comment!Cheers!

  2. Hey, I read it as often as I can. I love it! I made a short-cut icon on my desktop to go right to it. I just hope this works so you can see my comment. Who is getting married? Use a lighter tannning product and use it a few times, it should help. I would love my very own peice of art from you. Love the art you do.Also, have you tried to write an article for money with BIF? You are such a good writer, I know you could easily make money doing it. And a suggestion, write about dogs if you can!Love You, Mom

  3. ahw ooka mahda pooka ba ba ba thbbppth!

  4. Hey, I was surfing by, read some of your posts and couldn’t not leave a comment.Love the site. Incents me to change mine up a bit. Maybe.

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