April into May…

May 8, 2007 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Well, we’ve had a busy busy week or so….
Mia and Bella both had checkups (4 years and 18/19 months, respectively), Bella got a short haircut, I learned to ride the lawnmower (and to mow, duhhh). So here are some pictures of these events…. The First picture is of Bella sitting and waiting for the doctor to come into the office for her checkup. As you can see, her hair is pretty long. The second picture shows her after her new haircut in her new summer dress. The third picture is Mia waiting for HER doctor to come in….and the last picture is the one Richie took of me on the riding mower….It was tougher than I thought to negotiate those turns and compensate for the different levels of lawn. I could have sworn I was going to tip over several times but I’m told the mower has a low center of gravity and that I was never in any danger of tipping. Guess I’m going to be needing more practice!



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  1. True about the lawn mower. What flips is the giant cooler the kids are in that you are pulling behind the mower. It is fun until the cooler flips though. If you are a kid in the cooler, I do NOT recommend wearing a diving mask to protect you from the next time the cooler flips. Not as helpful as originally anticipated.

  2. Um….my reaction to this comment is DUDE!! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE EVENT YOU ARE DESCRIBING??? It sounds AWESOME! LOL-sondi

  3. It was totally awesome!I wish I had the pictures, one of my parents has them. I remember the cooler being dark red and the lid was fastened with two pieces of nylon dog leash driled into two pieces of mahogany plank!Yeah, I came from an upper class Southern family!

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