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May 8, 2007 at 6:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It was SUCH a beautiful wedding. I was discussing with some other sisters and we all agreed that we were TOTALLY jealous of what perfect skin Psalm has and how gorgeous she looked in her dress! It was such a stunning dress choice too! Sooooo reminded me of the dreamy dress that the mice and little birds create for cinderella in the cartoon. It was AWESOME!!! Richie and I were comparing it to our wedding and both agreed that this one was unbelievably superior (which to be honest is not a difficult acheivement considering that we hated our reception hall, food, photographer, AND flowers…..LOL).

Today the weather channel was predicting 78 degree weather, so it seemed like the perfect day to work on our soon-to-be-garden! (Also, I read a report today that said that there are bacteria found in dirt that add to your sense of wellbeing and happiness….helps give you lots of happy brain chemicals…..go figure!)
I worked outside for an hour and a half this afternoon trying to dig a good sized area to do some garden planting. I’ve been wanting to put in a real garden (so far we only have bulbs growing here and there amidst the patches of grass) since we moved in three years ago so I was feeling very accomplished having finally done it. Problem now is that I can barely move my arms and legs and neck and everything is starting to swell. I’m such a dope. An accomplished dope…..but a dope nonetheless….oh, and did I mention the sunburn? Even the FRONT of my neck is burned… does that even happen??? D’oh!


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