There isn’t enough coffee…

May 15, 2007 at 2:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So i’m sitting here for a couple minutes to check and see if there is any urgent email that needs returning….then I read the email containing my daily comics and come across this little gem. I gotta say, this really sums up my life….I need to just get myself one of those caffeine IV drips.
…maybe then I could actually catch up on my life.
I started my folks anniversary present which is a collage drawing/painting/with-photos of our family last week. Then, in the meantime, little hands dragged it down off the diningroom table and onto the floor. Then they poked a big hole in the canvas. I’m not sure if this was intentional or accidental. (I found it on the floor with small toys piled around it so I think it may have become part of the miniature carebear landscape for one of them. ) Anyhoooo….so any progress on that front went right out the window…..did I mention that their anniversary was two sundays ago?
Then there is the issue of the Altered Art Journal pages that were due to be sent out by yesterday or today. The art pages that aren’t done.
*double sigh*
As I’m laying (lying?) in bed last night, I’m envisioning a way to free up some counter space by moving some stuff around… today, to make this happen, I started looking at the stockpile of juices and drinks in the pantry and realized that most of them are expired. (if i moved them, i could put a large appliance in their place to free up the aforementioned counter space).
So, one by one, I smudged off the dust to see the ‘best by’ date and in most cases, these dates were between three and six months in the past…..
…so those got poured down the sink and the bottles stashed in the to-be-redeemed-bottle bin. In between this activity, I cleaned off a mini trash can that had been outside to get aired out…(it’s been there since last fall). I also worked on making some coffee, taking the packaging off of some socks, helped Bella put on her socks correctly (the heel portion always ends up on the top of her foot), washed some dishes, put together some sippy cups, put a giant bag of rice into a glass jar, put away some dishes, warmed up some food, replied to Bella’s endless stream of ‘why’ questions, vacuumed the bathroom and kitchen and front hall, and tried to tune out the world (and get some beat-inspired-energy) while doing all this by listening to my mp3 player. Suddenly, I realize that the morning has vanished and I’m well into the afternoon.
Sadly, this IS a typical day.
I shuffle around doing a little bit of this and that, juggling fifteen things at once and only really finishing like three of them (still no counter space). Argggh…….
So…..yeah, this is tuesday.
Gotta get this coffee drunk (drank?) so that the caffeine can get into my bloodstream so I can get at least one of two of the things that really need doing DONE today.


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  1. So did the coffee work? love you, mom

  2. You bet it did! I ate some caribou bars that night and stayed up late working on my altered art book and also started painting the background on my new canvas. I was just going to work on the background on my book but the muse swept me away and i finished the whole thing! It was after 1 am when I finally went to bed but I’ve been feeling terrific ever since–no more deadline hanging over my head! YAY!!!

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