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Hey there….not much to say today. Working on the laundry, dishes and the various explosions of mess around the house. I’m a householder tonight. The talk isn’t really written the way I would say anything or the way anyone accepting this kind or counsel would react but hey, it’s not my talk so I will just read my lines and shut up. The article it’s based on though is AWESOME.

The feb. 15th 2004 watchtower article on deception…the talk is on self deception and as I read the article, I was feeling kinda squeemish…..the more I think about the ‘small’ decisions I make, the more I think I fall into the catagory of being self-deceptive. Especially the bit in the article that talks about how Satan fools us into thinking that we need stuff now instead of later and the self justification that goes on when we make small decisions that effect us later in the big picture. It was reminding me of how most of the folks who died in the flood of Noah’s day weren’t doing anything specifically wrong. They were just living their lives, eating, drinking, marrying, etc. But they were SO DISTRACTED doing these everyday hum drum things that they didn’t get on board and get busy doing things Jehovah’s way!

It’s so easy to get distracted in all my many interests and hobbies and this and that….dude, even laundry and cleaning if it is taken to an excess and made to be too important in your life can distract you from doing more important things like studying and getting your butt out of the house and into service.

Anyhooo……this is the kind of stuff going thru my mind today……

Not too much of note happening in the way of stuff going on……I’m scheduled to get my hair done tomorrow night so very much looking forward to that. And Scarlet keeps slipping out of the house anytime the door is open for a millisecond or more. Despite our best efforts on and off over the span of two hours to get her BACK INSIDE the house, she was determined to spend the night outside last night. It was supposed to get down to freezing so I left a fleece blanket out for her on the porch (although with the fur coat of a coon cat she probably didn’t need it at all). She seemed completely unapologetic when she was back in the house this morning. I’m starting to really wonder if the shelter that we got her from actually checked to verify that she was fixed. Lately she is OBSESSED with getting outside and I suspect that she is the one peeing on (marking perhaps) any pillows or cushions left on the floor. Anyone have any experience with female cats to know whether or not they are actually fixed?

As for the weather…..we are supposed to have an 80 degree day on thursday (WAHOOO!!!) but it’s in the sixties today so far. The sun is shining though so I don’t mind so much…..any day without darkness and rain is a good one as far as I’m concerned!

As for our health, the girls and I still have our colds. Mia’s nose is a nonstop faucet, Bella is coughing a bit here and there and I have been keeping myself and Richie up with my coughing at night. Laying flat seems to antagonize my lungs inspite of the musinex that I’ve been taking. Except for that kind of stuff……oh yeah, Mia is already all covered in bug bites despite the fact that she has been out of doors less than her sister who has zero bites. The bugs love her just like they love me. Bella and her dad are invisible to them for some reason.

No fair!

Okay, that’s all for me ……Oh yeah, except I finished up my family collage and I am really liking it. I need to scan some images of it since the digital camera doesn’t show much detail and the thing is 16×20 inches… is too big for the scanner but still not showing up all that clearly in the camera pictures….

Anyhooo…..happy tuesday!



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  1. I often wonder if the people of Noah’s day lacked faith that Jehovah would protect them from the smell of the animals on the ark?One hand: Eat, drink, be merry. Other hand: Life on a smelly ark.A lack of faith might have kept them from even considering it. I digress, I came to say your thought about doing laundry has inspired me to do my laundry sometime this week.I have let myself get so distracted by very important things that I have put off things I did not find import and now have almost nothing to wear to those important things.Thank you Sondi!Sorry about you and the girls having colds hope you feel better soon.Oh, I started a blog for my wedding, have a look!

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