Science Says GET YO-SELF TO DA BEACH!!!!

June 22, 2007 at 4:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Found this info on a healthy lifestyle site….

Re-Charge at the Beach

AMYou just can’t explain that feeling you get at the beach. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves or the feeling of the sand on your toes or the warm sun replenishing your vitamin D levels. Whatever “it” is, you just feel good. Something must be in the air.

According to mounting research, there really may be something in the air at the beach.

Because of the constant crashing and movement of the waves, the beach contains high levels of negative ions, which is a good thing. High concentrations of negatively charged ions have long been thought to affect the way you feel, and there’s now supporting evidence they can boost mood, ease depression and even improve physical health.

Negative ions can also be found in high concentrations at waterfalls and after a summer rain storm.These special air particles are actually biologically active when they enter the body, yet how they work is still unknown. Animal studies have found that living in an area free of negative ions can actually shorten the lifespan. Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow found a negative ion-rich environment improves an animal’s ability to handle physical stresses. They also appear to help boost production of protective antioxidant enzymes in the body. Preliminary research conducted by Michael Terman, Ph.D. at Columbia University Medical Center, suggests that high density negative ion therapy may help those suffering from Seasonal Affect Disorder, a type of depression experienced in the winter. Besides their positive physiological effects, negative ions are thought to also help clean the air of odors, allergens and pollutants.Indoor environments tend to have very low levels of negative ions. Our modern lifestyle is to thank for that. Computers, electrical appliances and air conditioning all contribute to negative ion depletion.

Think about how good it feels to open a window after a thunderstorm when you’ve been stuck inside all day, or when you roll your window down after the air conditioning has been on in the car. It just feels good!So make your vacation plans and head to wear the water moves! Or step outside every chance you get after a storm rolls through this summer. You’ll definitely do yourself some good.


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  1. I used to live near the Gulf of Mexico, it felt so good there. Now I feel as if I am going to die…I shall be getting myself to the North Sea stat!Thanks again Sondi!

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