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Sunday Morning we woke up when the alarm went off and promptly decided that, after the meeting, we would take it easy and just REST today. Well, we did TRY to rest….but the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and we just HAD to go play outside!!!!
So we all worked in the garden and picked flowers and played….The girls like Dirt Gardening Best of all. Bella makes little dirt piles and Mia picks up a shovel and starts digging little piles of dirt just like her big sister. Everything Big Sister does, little sister has to do as well. It’s so cute watching her watch her big sister so intently and then do her best to imitate her. But Mia picked herself a daisy all on her own and practiced “smelling” it (which means snorting loudly and scrunching up her face and saying “mmmmm, niiiice” ).

This rock pile is about 2/3rds of the rocks/bricks/bones/broken bottles/rusty nails that I dug up while getting the dirt patch ready to put in some plants. All this was in just the area that the garden was in….
Just about every time the shovel went into the ground, I would hear a loud “thunk” as it hit something hard. It was more like archeology than gardening.
Towards the evening yesterday, I dug up (with Richie’s help) another little area and surrounded it with large stones and these rocks (using Bella’s, Richie’s, Ron’s and my elbow grease and a little help from the girls red wagon to haul them around) ….kind of a patch of garden for flowers surrounded by a mini rock wall. No pictures of that yet. It needs some plants in it first. But our little driveway needs some curb appeal in the worst way! More on that later!

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  1. So Cute! Mom

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