July 2, 2007 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
My shirt came in the mail today and I am soooooo excited (can you tell??) !!!! I cant wait to wear it!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!

Okay, you are like saying….huh? What is she talking about?? Right?

Welll…..after confessing that I had been pining away for an “I AM ART” T-shirt which is created by Linda Woods and her sister, the authors of Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles (see ), Lo and Behold, the ACTUAL Linda Woods sent me an email and offerred to send me one if I provided her with my address….. Can you believe that??? I was so bowled over to get an actual message from her on my blog AND an email that I was like, NO WAY!!! ( I revert to my former CA self when I get excited and tend to say ‘like’ about every other word, for which I sincerely apologize). And not only did she send it to me….she sent it out right away, priority mail and BOOM it was in my mailbox today and HOW COOL IS THAT????

Dude….I AM SO PYSCHED!!! I can’t wait to wear it!!!!

I have to run it through the wash because of my allergies….gotta wash all new garments to get some of the dye off…..BUT THEN I AM SO WEARING IT!!! Wooo hooo! YAYYYYY!!!!!! I will have to take a picture of myself wearing it so you can see how cool it is…..*BIG STUPID GRIN*

And If you now just HAVE to have one (how could you NOT???), you can get one just like it, or in another color, or one that says Rise Up and Create! or Rise Up and Bake! or Rise Up and Laugh! from a link on her blog….


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  1. You ARE art Sondi! Are you going to post a photo of you wearing your shirt in proclamation of this fact?

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