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As is usual for this time of the month, my anxiety levels are building because I have a shared altered book that I need to have finished and mailed out by the fourteenth or so and, despite gathering up a small box of supplies that might work for the spread I want to do, my muse is escaping me and I keep NOT WORKING ON IT. *sigh*

Nothing is as stressful as a looming deadline. Of course, without them, I would never ever get anything done…..For instance, I invite groups of friends over because It GIVES ME A deadline to get my house scrubbed and shining. Without the deadline, I do the minimum and kinda overlook the dustbunnies. With my outside activities, my deadline is the amount of time I think my plants will have withered and died without watering or other care. Usually I wait till just before that point. With laundry, the deadline is….how long can I wait before we start running out of vital items to wear. For my husband that would be bluejeans….for myself its usually underwear….(I have plenty of all the other stuff!)…my girls its usually pajamas… again, without the deadline, nothing would get done.

In other news, the sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside….it’s been dismal the last couple of weeks….day after day of dark skies, rain and every few days, thunder storms. Today is a brief respite from all that so I need to take advantage of the vitamin D and get out there. I did have OTHER plans today for getting out of the house but for some reason i woke up at least once an hour last night and therefore this morning felt like a bear emerging only half-way thru hibernation season…..arrrggghhh….

I have decided tha our second try at a Clothing Swap was a SUCCESS! Lots and lots of clothes to go around and just about every size and style and color and fabric imaginable. The box of wigs were the biggest hit….Everyone passed them around, camera phones were whipped out and the laughter shook the house….Totally a fun day. I have to add that Betsy’s addition of iced coffee and some pastry that were like a cross between croissants and nutty sticky buns were DREAMYYYY…..I only stopped eating them when I came back for more and found the tray empty! Anguish! I really need to get the recipe. (And as most of you know, while I DO collect cook books, I almost NEVER actually USE recipes. LOL So that is really saying something that I want the recipe!)


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