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Well, yesterday’s grocery shopping trip was especially sweet due to the FREE cocoa reserve hershey’s chocolate bar (70% cocoa) I got with a coupon from the paper. I feel like such a dork extolling the virtues of coupons but I get such a thrill when they take dollars off of my final receipt total…..like I outsmarted the big bad grocery man trying to get all my mulah….MUH HA HA HAAAAA

And since I was feeling especially culinary…..domestic diva that I am (okay, even *I* am laughing at that one)
….I decided to try out a new recipe that I found for waffles…..I’m getting such a kick outta my little waffle maker! I made banana pecan waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top. Yuuuuummmm…..although I think I went a little heavy on the pecans. I have a bad habit of not measuring any of the non-essential ingredients when I cook and bake….vanilla? Pour it in! Who needs a measuring spoon??? More is better!!! Sugar? Can it ever be sweet enough?? Pour pour pour, yeah that looks about right. Then comes the nuts…..lets add in a few MORE handfuls….the picture of the final product next to the recipe looks a little nut-shy…..PUT IN MORE MORE MORE!!!!

So here is final product….they were so heavy that after gobbling up several waffles (plus lots of toppings of course) I don’t have room in my stomach for coffee. Who knew that was even possible????

I don’t need to even TELL you at this point that I make THE BEST chocolate chip cookies…MORE CHIPS! MORE NUTS! Oops, the measuring cup is already dirty so just throw in a dollop more of peanut butter…..A little too much brown sugar in that scoop? Too much vanilla spill into the bowl? No worries! More is better! MORE MORE MORE!!! I feel personally that the best cookies are basically a bunch of crunchy sweet yummy stuff stuck together with little bits of dough here and there….
Here are the girls eating up their waffles this morning…..Mia’s forehead is already looking much better as you can see and again, thank goodness for all that curly hair…it covers a multitude of sins…even disguises the bits of strawberry stuck in it! LOL


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  1. The girls are getting so big! They are both beautiful like their Mommy! I miss Waffles, aren’t they wonderful? No raw version to take their place! Mom

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