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Well, today I downloaded my 30 songs from ….you get 30 a month on emusic and I always think, “Gee, that’s a lot of music….I can’t imagine finding THAT many tracks I actually like”. And wouldn’t you know it, it seems like it is never ENOUGH! Between new artists and old stuff I’ve never heard before and comedy tracks, I always seem to run out of downloads and have to add them to my “saved for later” list.

Anyhoo…’s a few of the tracks I downloaded today for anyone interested….

The Slip: Tracks from their album Eisenhower: “Even Rats”, “If One of Us Should Fall”, “Suffocation Keep”, “Life In Disguise”, “Paper Birds”
The Rakes: “The world was a mess but his hair was perfect”, “We danced together”, “Perfect”
Cary Brothers: “Who You Are”, “The Glass Parade”, “All The Rage”, “Precious Lie”,”Lonliest Girl In The World”

And some comedy tracks by Kathleen Madigan…you might recognize her from the show, “Last Comic Standing”. She was on it a few years ago and this year she was one of the judges…She’s mixed in on my ipod with Jim Gaffigan and Christopher Titus….Having comedy bits in my shuffle of songs always seems to perk up my day a bit. Although I should warn you….when you are listening to your ipod while shopping at walmart, laughing out loud when you are in an isle presumably all by yourself, people DO look at you a little strange. Hee hee

A few more recently downloaded artists…..(i love that you can just download a song or two if you aren’t in love with the whole CD) :
Cat Power (great bluesy female vocals): “Good Woman”, “Maybe Not”, “Names”

And here’s a song that was playing recently on someone’s blog that I really liked: “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse You would swear you were listening to someone from Billie Holiday’s era instead of a tatooed modern girl. LOL

Another powerful woman singer is Amy Rigby…she is a grownup with words that have some life experience behind them (from her album “18 Again An Anthology”)
Tracks I really liked were “All I Want”, “Cynically Yours”, “Raising The Bar”, “The Good Girls”

I’m also still entranced with just about anything from International Singer, Bebel Gilberto. I may not speak the language of a lot of her songs but i’m still completely hooked! Recent tracks downloaded are from her album Momento.

For dancing and grooving around the house (i.e. cleaning and getting stuff done) I like French artist Elke Brauweiler. A lot of electronic dance music with French lyrics. Album name is “Twist A Saint Tropez”

I’m also still enjoying stuff from The Weepies and The Czars which I wrote about in an earlier post.

So that’s my two and a half cents for today!


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