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Soooo….its been brought to my attention that there is some confusion on HOW this empty cigar box is involved in the final product (And to answer your question Mom, No, I didn’t use it to store the extra art supplies after i was done making some art). It BECAME my work of art below …Valid question, though….. So I’ll give you a brief rundown on it’s makeover….


I used a razor blade and cut the top off of the cigar box. (it it’s on it’s side, the top sort of looks like a door).


I drew a triangle on the removed lid and used the razor blade to cut the corners of the box lid to form it into the triangle shape.


painting the box and the triangle, I sat the box up on it’s side and glued the triangle on to it with hot glue to resemble a roof. I used an extra chunk of wood behind the roof to keep it upright and so that I would have something to attach hanging hooks from. I hot glue and nailed the chunk of wood on.

Next comes the fun part! 

I started glueing on paper and doo-dads…I constructed some paper doll figures out of pieces of vintage women’s magazines and the monkey is from an old paper doll set (and the bottle he is carrying is from an old book on plants). I reinforced them all on the back and propped them up so that they would give the scene dimension (and so they wouldn’t be glued flat onto the background).


I hot glued a strip of card stock paper (purple) to cover the glue from attaching the roof, added the mom with her toddler and some words and rick-rack. I printed out the image of the colored pencils on heavy cardstock and cut them out and attached them in layers on either side of the roof so that they would look sort of ‘stacked’ there. And then of course I added more decorations and viola! Finished!


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