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Here is an ATC card that I worked on as part of a jam (three people take turns adding layers to a set of three cards and then each person who worked on them gets one of them at the end)….turns out that as the second person working on it, I should have left more of the original background intact. I ended up stomping all over the first person’s feelings by covering up their image.

I’m pretty insensitive.
AND since this person likes a more cutesy style, she now apparently HATES the card.
While I am sort of feeling bad about this, I am ALSO sort of in an evil MUH HA HAAAA mode that they can’t appreciate a more non-cutesy style….and I laid it on thick with my dark colors.

I think it must be some evil NT trait

( I’m an INTJ …if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the title to this post and it will take you to )
that makes me feel superior to the cutesy people….cause more often then not, they are the SF’s. It’s recently been brought to my attention that I have a sub-conscious negative bias toward these personality types when it comes to things of a creative nature. And then of course there is the general superiority complex of the INTJ that kicks in. But honestly, I should feel WAY worse than I do.
I feel bad today about NOT feeling bad.
I’m the evil genius of the story today.
I’m sort of relating to that geeky villian that Alan Cumming plays in the James Bond – GoldenEye movie that is constantly clicking his pen (that later leads to his demise) and shouting,
I AM INVINCIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!
(along with some maniacal laughter, of course)

Hmmm….maybe it is just the heat getting to me.
It’s a hundred million degrees today and I’m melting into a nasty pool of sweat….ick.
Also, my baby has chicken pox.
I really should have LED with that today. But I’m such a bad mother that instead of THAT keeping me up all night, I kept waking up having dreams about the lady whose card I trampled on who sent me a nice long letter explaining that I was mean to her and it is likely due to my ignorance and why don’t I smarten up and stop wrecking her life.

Seriously…..THAT I couldn’t get out of my head…..meanwhile my poor little girl is sleeping soundly in the air conditioned room next door. I wish there was more that I could do for her. She doesn’t seem overly uncomfortable. She had the chicken pox vaccination so her case seems ‘mild’ but the fevers she has on and off are kind of scary when added to the heat we are suffering from this summer. I’m keeping her pumped full of fluids and giving her lots of cuddling….At the moment she is living it up and singing loudly in the kitchen along with a Matt Kearny song playing on my laptop…..totally oblivious that anything out of the ordinary is going on with her.

Life is so weird.

BTW, Below is an adorable picture my mom sent me of her and dad.



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  1. Oh, Man! Poor Baby Mia! You need to be careful too! Glad she is singing. Was she around someone with Pox?I am totally confused I took the test on 2 different sites and came up with different letters. Now I am not sure what I should say I am. I used the hot link in your blog. The Jung Test said that I was an INTJ The other one advisorteam, said that I was an INFP wierd huh?Mom

  2. I’d give sympathy about the pox but I am too busy laughing about the stomped feelings and the ATC. In honor of your post, if I have time later on, I will blog about my most recent hate mail. I suspect the sender is an SF. Really, I feel like stamping over cute is my mission in life.

  3. I am so sorry to hear little Mia has the chicken pox. Has Bella already had them?Looking back at when I was 15 and had chicken pox, I say, Who cares about the other woman’s ATC card?!! That is collborative art! Going into a project knowing full well the next person will take creative liberties all over your stuff. It is her own selfishness and ignorance that would make her believe her art is more important than yours! Of course I am partial, though I stand by my word!What a great pic of your parents, they are so cute! I miss seeing them when I met for service or when our meetings were changing.Take care Sondi!

  4. I finally got around to putting a pic up of my and my smokin’ hot fiance!I am going to do a slide like yours (you inspire me!) when there are enough photos of us!

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